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May 7th, 2007

War Crimes Yay!

There's a debate about the ethics of warfare over in conservatism.

cdat1ad is a veteran, which I respect. But he busted out with this gem, which I do not:

"It is pure folly to expect ethical conduct from enemies who kill innocent civilians to get headlines. Ethics training is about as effective as tits on a bull. This kind of thinking is exactly what brought about the debacle of Vietnam. YOU CANNOT FIGHT A PC WAR!!! Either kill them all or don't show up, its very simple.

Frankly if we carpet bombed the place I would cheer. I have NO LOVE for that part of the world. We firebombed Dresden in WW2 and Tokyo as well. Why should this be any different? Oh thats right it might OFFEND people. Well screw them too. War is the ultimate offense we can visit upon people. Now do it quick and get it over with."

Heartlessess and historical revisionism! It's got it all!

May. 7th, 2007

Memo: Google hates wymyn!
I'm definitely a feminist, but this chick is off her rocker. Thankfully, most of the rest of the community seems to agree.



"My 29-year-old boyfriend says he isn't ready to have sex. He does watch a lot of gay porn, though. Could that make him gay?"


The Green Goblin's Last Stand

Dear stupid_free,

I have a question for you.

At what point did we become so infected with stupid?

Think carefully about your answer. This question is worth ten marks and will be on the final exam.

minor stupid

More "Walk for Hunger" stupidity.

It turns out that roachmckrackin summed up the stupidity perfectly with the line Only in Boston would someone take a completely liberal event like the walk for hunger and demonize it as riding in the face of an even more liberal cause...

Here is the full post.


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