May 5th, 2007

BOYS;; after they made the snuff film.

Paris Hilton Goes to Jail, Terrorists Officially Win.


whining stupidity in the b0st0n community

It appears as if laura_okay was so upset about someone posting about a charity walk and asking for donations, that she had to make another post about it. While the original person shouldn't have screened comments, saying things like "I just think the person should have encouraged people to walk themselves (I mean you don't have to walk the full 20 miles so it's not like some people won't be able to do it unless they are handicapped, and even then I am sure they wouldn't discriminate on that) than asking for donations that she gets credit for" is just plainly stupid.

Walking is not what is important, it is raising money. Do you think the charity would be happy if they got a huge turnout of walkers who didn't raise any money? Its a fundraiser, not a competition! Lets encourage everyone to walk, the money isn't what is important!

Now, its Cinco de Mayo and I'm going to the bar to let alcohol wash all of the stupidity away.
sportacus hate you guys

Fuck old games and devil moderators, oh my!

So, girl_gamers recently got spotlighted, and we all know that usually means a huge influx of posts, for better or worse. Moderator omnissiah decided to delete a bunch of introduction posts, etc, to cut down on friend's list clutter, and notified the community that posting is now moderated for the moment.

Most people were fine and relieved by this, but not amiga_rippermod.  The stupid didn't get a chance to escalate before she was banned by the mods, but the enraged, garbled-English comments she DID get to make are Pure win. Here are a few highlights -

Go play fuck old games insted of deleting things and make others cry!


stfu is very rude...and people like you maybe like to be in Hell