May 4th, 2007

jason's pop-up boner.

Dumbass alert.

Joan Baez wasn't allowed to perform with John Mellencamp at Walter Reed. Naturally, since such a ~politically charged~ thing was posted at ohnotheydidnt, the stupid was bound to reveal itself right away. This time, it was courtesy of hemloc.

Scroll down a little ways for such wondrousness.

You see, hemloc knows for a fact that no vets would ever want to hear either of those artists perform. How does he know this? Well, because he just does. He's a vet who speaks for all vets. Duh. And according to him, in all his brilliance, those who aren't vets cannot hold opinions on such matters. When I tell him that my uncle is a massive Baez fan and he served in Vietnam, he says that's different because, according to him, my uncle was drafted and did not volunteer.

Fuck the what? Words really can't do this stupid justice.

ETA: It also continues here.

"Wow... It's amazing how many rabid teens and twenty-somethings there are when it comes to anti-war/anti-law enforcement stuff around here...

And people wonder why no one stood up or fought back(Save for an extreme few) in places like Columbine or VA Tech... Sad.. Extremely sad..

I'm totally going into the Burqha and Reconquista Spanish language tape sales biz...."

Heroes Racism Wank

Hiro isn't properly Asian because he's written as a while male power fantasy.Oh noes!

The very concept of the post is mind-blowing (choice quote: Japanese people aren't brown) and the ensuing comments dish out the lulz- like comparing Otaku in general as being 'just as creepy' as the VTECH shooter, The Haitian not having a name is totally objectifying and Niki being a stripper has 'too many fucked up social and gender issues' to be ok.Barrels of stupid for all!
Hippy Brewhexe

For the love of god, take a cold shower!

Various members have mentioned stupid in livejournal_uk before, mainly by mwandie or pnukkles, but I don't believe we have mentioned blueeyed_one yet. I am 99% sure that his posts are parodying himself, as he was a well known 'erotic story' writer on various adult comms, but his constant posting regarding sex gets a bit dull. he has stated he has a girlfriend, but she is obviously not enough for him.

I think about sex all the time! Is this normal. (yes it is. I am beginning to think you aren't though.

Show us yer tits pt I

Let me ask about penis size so I can assure myself I am well hung. (This is also a self mock as I joined in the discussion. However I posted it for ulvesang's outburst near the bottom of the page. Just goes to show not everyone enjoys reading about sex).

Show us yer tits pt II

Can someone tell me about Sarah Beenies tits?

Ah sod it, I'll just come out and ask you all for a shag. (bonus stupid for him suggesting a threesome with him, me, and my daughter. Classy)

As I said, I know he is probably not serious, but in another incarnation I was friended on his previous LJ and he really did post about sex all the time! It's creepy.

PS Although his info looks like a troll, that one is actually a new account because he started getting imitations trolling LJUK. I think he just uses it for posting in LJUK now. He used to be blueeyed_devil.

ETA: Dammit! I always forget to check for locked posts. It is an open comm though. Oh well, rest assured he goes on about sex alot. Now you can mock me instead. :/ Sorry about that.

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No Sympathy...

Over in baseball, discussion turns to the death of Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock.  Hancock was killed in a single-car accident, and the report is that he was drunk (twice the legal limit in Missouri) and that marijuana was found in his car.

The OP, phatmatt, decides that they no longer feel sorry for him.  But the real fun begins when ballontheradiocalls another commenter heartless and assumes that Hancock was depressed.  He also says it's not a big deal because "I'm willing to bet the majority of you have either driven less than completely sober before or have gotten into a car with someone driving who was less than completely sober."

The conversation quickly goes downhill as comparisons are made between alcoholism and cancer...
megan lick

preverbly floop to my feet with big watery eyes

kuwaizair seems to have it all - furry art skillz, her own encyclopedia dramatica page (tragically down at the moment, at least for me), eloquently mangled spelling that brilliantly conveys this 26-year-old's inner child, who types with a spoon - but she lacks contentment, which has led her down the road of insulting random teenagers and whining about how she is unloved.

People tell her to suck it up.

It fails to sink in:

Act professional??? BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE A CHEERLEADER!!!

I'm not being a hypocrite! It's those mean girls' fault!


I just really like the word floop.

who wants a story of loss and gain and mysterous broken men when they can have a warror princess who's half tigar and half wolf

Don't miss the bonus fapping here. Yes, it is unfortunate that someone is being paid for this, but better that money go into circulation than fester in a yiff-soaked wallet, amirite?

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Late last year, Paris Hilton lost her license due to driving recklessly under the influence of alcohol and was given 36 months probation. In January she was pulled over and made to sign a police statement acknowledging she wasn't allowed to drive. A month later, she was pulled over again for driving recklessly with her headlights off at night. Today was her court hearing, and she was sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Over in ohnotheydidnt, martybru01 wants us to know that the reason Paris went to jail was because the judge's wife or daughter reads "Paris-hating" blogs and they told him to send her to jail. Paris, in martybru01's opinion, should not have to go to jail because she's a nice person who loves animals.

martybru01 goes on to say that there's no reason for people to refer to Paris as a slut because most of us have made sex tapes with our loved ones just like Paris. We really should be thankful that we are all fortunate enough not to have ours leaked. She then decides that she is going to pray for Paris.