May 3rd, 2007


Studies aren't used to generate statistics, statistics are compiled & anaylzed by magic fairies

A genius named vonlisbon insists with absolute certainty that statistics don't come from studies.

Basically, he made a post quoting a statistic about medication errors in hospitals that resulted in death. He said that this source was a medical journal article that his pharmacology professor gave him. In spite of this, he insists that the statistic was compiled from the entirety of all data in the entire country (wow, apparently there's some super national database on all medical records all neatly compiled and analyzed by researchers) and was already pre-analyzed by...uh...fairies? (He never specified.)

Yeah, surely a medical journal article about medical errors (which requires human analysis to determine an what qualifies as an error) isn't a study!

Shortly into a thread I made with him, he proclaimed "I am so totally right and I can't dumb it down for you, so I'll ignore all further replies" (paraphrasing).

Later on, I linked to the STUDY that he claimed wasn't a study, along with a comment pointing out that the statistic from the study was actually much more broad than he insisted it was (it included all kinds of medical errors, not just medication errors), and even made a new post with a tutorial on studies and statistics--to which he gave this reply.

There's a good chance that he has read my replies at least partially, but cut himself off because he realized how incredibly wrong he was. I even made a $100 bet with him that he won't take (or acknowledge). He apparently is a slow reader and therefore can't read he few comments I posted to him.

I understand how people can be stupid, but it does manage to befuddle me when someone takes an academic subject, and then proudly proclaims to be right about something very basic that is just so dead wrong. He doesn't even have the slightest grasp of research methodology and how statistics are generated, yet he claism this.
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The slavery train left YEARS ago, lady. Stop trying to get on that ride.

brassenaurian writes in customers_suck how at a Denny's in Florida, a group of black women called her a Slave Owner! Prejudeced, biggoted slave owner for no reason when taking their order, and then threaten to sue the Denny's for discrimination and demand reparations for the USA's history of slave ownership and what not.

alatrop responds, hating the fact that white people are completely oppressed, and says that minorities shouldn't have their own scholarships, beauty pageants and people agree, especially selunca. She states: If they can have a African American Collage fund (or whatever) I think we should be able to have a Poor White Peoples Collage fund. Then I'd actually be able to go to collage. And spell college too.

Ah, white oppression. It's the best kind, dont'cha know?

Bonus points to conceptual_tea for calling it.

aceofbears Has had an encounter like this before, folks.

Grudge-meta-statistic-logic post spectacular!

So over in stupid_free, njstalker goes to a bit of an extreme to prove how stupid vonlisbon is.

Some choice samples from the comment threads include: a drawn-out thread about caring-vs-not-caring, a genuine discourse on the nature of memory and its impact on the world, and finally, lucid assertions that despite his own histrionic attempts to prove everyone wrong and stupid, they're the ones with the collective emotional investment bent on attacking his post.

Yes, vonlisbon did make a mistake and followed it up with some stupid posturing. But was it really necessary to use so many words in posting them here?

The prosecution rests.
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Personal journal character bashing

lolz some personal-journal drama: Collapse )

I don't actually usually post here, but I remember commenting on this i_dreamed_i_was girl's post recently so apparently I need to be personally informed of the drama.. ?? If this post isn't allowed, delete away. I figured you guys could bring the lulz more thoroughly than I.

HEY GUYS, I am posting a personal journal - my own! I guess I didn't explain myself very well. A week or so ago, I replied to a post made in here by i_dreamed_i_was, and that is the sum of my total interaction with her, ever. But today I received this comment in my own journal, anonymously of course. All I could figure is that it had something to do with this community, so I posted it here. If you are one of the people who left a comment implying through macros that I am a pussy/failure/etc, well, thanks for the entertaining macros but next time use those pretty little heads for thinking instead of judging, because I was a completely innocent bystander just trying to figure out if I was the only person targeted, or if more members were as well. Have a nice day!
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What is this shit!?

I don't know what the hell was wrong with these people. But they just started talking about poop.

Damn people with their feces. Can't they keep it to themselves like any decent God-Fearing Christian pooper!?

Edit I have been informed, though a means other than this, that I am actually part of the thread I linked to. Shit.