May 2nd, 2007

conspiracy-theorist whackjob....

So, from cf_hardcore, apparently, Japanese people are crazy because they don't sleep. Like ever.

here's a bit
" Okay, the Japanese fucking scare me. I listen to their music sometimes and watch their anime occasionally but ... they fucking scare me. You want to know why? THEY DON'T BLOODY SLEEP. And then they do crazy shit like this and everyone's surprised. I'm not. Not sleeping has a direct effect on the amygdala and related areas and neurotransmitters which, as one may or may not know, ties in with violent and/or psychopathic behaviour."

...also they can't spell.

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Give a dog a home

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In which amandavanessa asks why there are Bibles in hotel rooms.

We get a wide range of stupidity, from spiderbabyx being such a nonconformist that she defaces Bibles and says she would also deface the Koran and Torah if they were "all over the place in great excess" as well, to people quoting parts of the Bible.

We also have the obligatory people calling her a complete asshole, and even a cunt. (And hey, I think she's an asshole for it, but I can have a sense of humor about it in this post, for the record.)

WTF, it's sidepocket_pro again.

Hay you guyz it's me again! I'm not gonna waste my time on j00 so watch the video plz kthx! It's got poopoo wordz in it LOL

Plus with all the "lol grammer nazi" crap he's been spewing and what have you, going so far as to warn a person who typo'd to "Watch out the Spelling Nazis may leave a big burning dictionary on the front lawn. XD", more with the children-shooting anologies, and just generally being a horrible person.

I haven't watched the video, as I'm at work right now, so I can't really comment on that though. But apparently the language warning wasn't up at the time of posting, where he went on to whine about people who may be in positions where they might not want to hear that sort of thing.

Seriously, what is this guy's problem?

*sniff* Do I detect a whiff of irony?

For the new among us, and for those who have lives and don't remember crap like past stupid on teh intarwebs, allow me to re-introduce you to the_faery_queen:

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So today as I browsed thesims2 I couldn't help but lol as I noticed this response to "What is your "aspiration" in real life?":

If the_faery_queen were a Sim, she'd have a knowledge aspiration. (And would murder the English language.)

No wank in the comments, and I doubt there will be since thesims2 is pretty well-behaved, but I thought members here would appreciate the hilarity of the concept.

(Explanation for the non-Sim obsessed: In The Sims 2, sim people have life aspirations which determine the kinds of things they like to do and the type of sim they are - Knowledge sims want to look through telescopes, study, become scientists and doctors, explore the unknown and learn as much as they can before they die. I guarantee you if they were to write, they would spell things correctly. No really, does anybody else smell irony? Because otherwise I think I left the oven on...)

I mean if you think about it she must be a knowledge sim. After all, she is far more intellegenent than any of us.