May 1st, 2007


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EDIT: D'oh! It's f-locked.  Stupid=me!
EDIT 2: I just got banned from there for my comments!  Boo!

From a bad_sex post here, dreamsxreality writes:

"some friends n i including my x who in love with n i allow myself 2 still be blind n sleep with him. we all take a little weekend trip. i really didnt think me n the x would get into nething since we would all be sharing a room. the weekend was very fun. we started 2 drink n play some card games. well it was about 20 of us and we had 2 rooms in all. everyone was over in the other room while me my x and another couple were in our room. they were doin there own thing and well they started 2 have sex. n i just said ok i can do this and me n the x decided to start. this was my 1st time doin something like this while other people were in the room. i was ok because they were not worried about us in neway so i blocked them out. as some time went on my x's cousin who is new in the sex world comes in and sits down and the end of the bed and proceeds to just watch us. at first i was kinda freaked out about it and started to get out of the mood but then i thought about how harmless he is and that all he wanted was some tips."

:scratches eyes out:
:checks her profile:

This girl is one year older than me! D:

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Someone stamp stupid_free on this one's forehead. PLEASE.

Click <--don't bother unless you want to see it all

Yep, there is a tag about this one in there.

The whole thing...just no words. All stupid.

ETA: Yep, nine entries. Starts normal, she gets butthurt and goes crazy. Spamming the community and doing the BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY stuff.

I didn't link the community itself, but to the tag of the stupid that caused of teh least, in her eyes.

ETA2: Ok guys, I just took advice and just brought out what is the main reasons to post this,I promise, I will drink a cup of coffee before posting again. ;-)

It's all funny!
Any tips on faking being preggo?!
That's what they get for "snarking" me and then giving me the link to see it.
I'm trolling you all!!
Waaaahhhhh! byez!

That one makes the second time she's say bye! But can't find the other.
charlie brown

Will someone fix my car, because I have a disability?

In bad_service a post is made by sidepocket_pro about some car troubles he had.

Dad bought him a car when he turned 18.

Car broke down, so they brought it to Auto Zone, who couldn't find a part for the car.

So they waited.

And waited.

For two years, now he is complaining about the service.

Why someone would wait around for two years for a car to be fixed is beyond me. Members of the community call him on it, where he makes lame jokes from the 1990s and explains his disability in why he can't use spellcheck.

EDIT: Sorry for the pronoun mixup, it has been fixed. No intentional disrespect was intended.

EDIT 2: Post has been deleted. I have a screen cap posted on my desktop at home, will hopefully post within the hour, as I am stuck at work.

EDIT 3: Here is a screen cap.