April 30th, 2007

Ninja Troll

Nice while it lasted!

I wanted to give you all the benefit of the doubt and it lasted almost two days!

Tags were set so that all members could add new ones. Now you'll only be able to choose from the existing list because someone(s) had to fuck with it.

Nice work!
pigtail Me

That wacky "Ana" is back...this time she's pregnant!

After thin_ftw's feature debut in stupid_free for this post, it wasn't enough for her and decided she needed to exercise more.

Now she returns to poor_skills proclaiming she is pregnant, and wants resources to help her. I don't get why she brought religion into it...but whatever.

Possibly a lame snark...but it is my first. This was unlocked at the time of posting.

She says she'll start eating! HURRAH! Oh wait...  "I can increase my calorie intake by a couple hundred. Most pregnant women just use this as an excuse to pig out."