April 29th, 2007

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Maybe I'm the only one that finds this pretty stupid, but here you go.

Over in veganism, iammicah writes that they're going to study abroad in Mexico, and instead of sticking to their veganism, is going to eat what they're given. So they ask if any of the other members have experience with it or tips to offer.

But of course, someone has to jump on their case immediately. So apparently they "lose" for trying to blend into a new culture. Oh and kari_louise tells them to get out of the comm, that they're throwing away 6 years and if they try to go back to being vegan, they're a huge hypocrite. I'm sure the comments have some other amusingly dumb gems, but most are tl;dr.

Ok, I'm not trying to insult all vegans, but I can't stand these vicious, hardcore vegans who think you're an evil barbarian to try something new or have simply never been vegan/vegetarian.
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Tattoo Theft! Serious business..

stargazer83 got a tattoo based on artwork by Chris Buzelli. She posted her tattoo online and then was stunned that plainjane11 had the nerve to "steal" her original tattoo design! Oh noes! She cross posts about this heinous theft here and here. Because god forbid someone else get a tattoo based on the same craptastic artwork you got a tattoo based on.

(Edit: It's the same post in two different communities. Sorry I didn't notice that it's locked in the second link!)

more silly stupid from me.


Hurr hurr hurr. Okay, actually, here’s the stupid. Apparently, according to missysarah, if you say “chain” instead of “collar” YOU ARE NOT FIT TO OWN A CAT.

Gems include:

-- Saying chain is clear proof of your deep, dark, cat stabbing ulterior motives. Obv.

-- The irony of MissySarah complaining about a misused word while she seems to be unable to type in proper English is pointed out.

-- 890890890890890890890890809 people relay stories about times that they forgot words and it was (sorta) funny or, even better, 3489028493028490284903890 people have aunts with some form of Aphasia.

Basically, just fluffy stupid from customers_suck.

PS. If I don’t see at least one cat macro in response to this post I’m going to be really sad. :(

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Riseva posts in sbtalk and multiplicity about her personality/soulbond (see a post from earlier today). Apparently, the multiple/bond is a ten year old boy named Tony. So, what does she want to do for Tony? Get him laid. Yep, that's right. She wants to get a ten year old boy laid. And she wants said sex to be buttsex, no less. Because she's somehow determined that he's secretly gay. So she wants to set him up with a "helpful male" (read: perv) to engage in sex that he "won't be thrilled about" (read: rape). Some people call troll, and others freak out. Enjoy.