April 27th, 2007


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This is a small stupid, but it’s always nice to have a bit of a breather from the rampant racism, adoption wank and child molestation. Plus, there are boobs. It’s a win/win.

Once again, breastfeeding in public gets people all in a tizzy.

two_stabs makes a post (although a rather inflammatory one) about a Houston woman who was asked to leave a restaurant for breastfeeding.

A few enjoyable snippets:

The government has NO RIGHT to tell business what they can and can’t do!!111 (bonus: it definitely wasn’t the government’s place to force private businesses not to be segregated.)

Comparing breastfeeding in a restaurant to changing a diaper right on the table.

Okay, well, if you can breastfeed in pubic – I can pee and have sex wherever I want!. (Extra points for: God! Just balance on the toilet. How hard can it be?

So, yeah. Nothing earthshaking, but pretty amusing in parts, IMO.
glass case o' emotion

Halp! Aria_Star is being oppressed!!!!

I really wish all those perma-tans would stop complaining about every little thing and asking for apologies, what a bunch of whiners...OH SHIT SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT ME ON THE INTERNETS THAT'S HARASSMENT OMG HALP HALP I'M BEING OPPRESSED!!!!! Also,I'm neither fat nor thin. The crosses I bear.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better - it does.

Edit: On second thought, I'm being insensitive. So, I'll make things easier for aria_star and compile a list of all the posts made in the past couple of days that star her stupidity, you know, to facilitate info-gathering for that harassment complaint:

People of Color Need to Stop Whining - by karnythia

Aria's Greatest Hits by i_dreamed_i_was

I hope you've got good internet lawyers, guys. This Aria_star chick is SERIOUS!!!!

P.S. Commenting in MY personal journal is very much allowed.
charlie brown

I think I treated him fairly

selunca relays a story over in customers_suck.

A customer changes his order, and the computer forgets to add the $5 coupon. After the customer calls to complain, the manager says to give him a $3 coupon to make up for it.

So, using basic math, we see that the customer is still out $2, plus he has to place another order in the future with the same establishment to get to -$2.

Customer calls back, pointing out he still is owed cash, and the manager says "Oh for FUCKS SAKE. Its TWO DOLLARS. He would have TIPPED A DRIVER that much.. Jesus, Just tell him we're sending him a $5 dollar coupon, if he calls back again, let me know, I'LL take the call." After voicing further complaint, the manager considers not sending him the coupons, but eventually does.

In response to criticism that selunca and her manager were giving bad service, selunca edits, stating the customer never brought the coupon in. In addition, she says " I don't think /I/ gave bad service, I think I treated him fairly."

Because, when I think of being treated fairly, I think of being ripped off out of $5, then getting the run-around to get it back.