April 26th, 2007

doctor: donna wish i could be

i see the sun comin' up at the funeral at dawn


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In poor_skills, someone posts a warning about multi-level marketing.

ibofightback throws a shitfit.

His comments are all over the post, but that thread's the most fun. He's in Amway and HE WILL TELL YOU HOW IT IS, DAMN IT. Every company is a pyramid anyway!

My favorite part: "Procter and Gamble sued Amway for defamation and won."
"OMG no they didn't!"
"Yes they did."
"Okay, but that was only four guys!"

Beyond Religion Wank

thegreywolf25 posts something in convert_me - supposedly a resolution to the oft-debated Problem of Evil.  He writes, "I encourage everyone to go and listen".

Many people go and listen, and offer stock criticisms.  Some ask for a transcript or a summary.

grappleyo comments many, many, many times that atheists should not be interested in discussing the tenets of a particular religion. . . in a community devoted to discussing religion.

Sadly, the actual discussion of the original post is buried in mounds and mounds of wank, 50% of which is comments from grappleyo.
Got Rat


yatahey posts in thequestionclub asking if they are "partially microwaving my hand when i take the food out of the m.oven as soon as it 'dings', and the good old members of TQC all indeed tell him, that yes, he will get cancer and probably die.

Probably a troll question (I sincerely hope so), but the reactions are funny nonetheless.