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April 25th, 2007

Meta-META Stupid Time, Guys

I know how much you guys love racism Stupid. I mean, nothing brings this community together in a spirit of kindness, understanding, and brotherhood quite like it.

So, I bring you coflower, and her ardent wish for a "life-tan" like the one karnythia sports every day.

"I realized while typing this up that I do remember that you have the life tan I wish I had sometimes."

Because, didn't you know, that's all being Black means - that you got a perma-tan! It's so freaking awesome!

Don't get me wrong - I too wish I had more sun protection and could wait until after age 50 before sporting wrinkles. But I just want that in general. I'm not so retarded that I also want to be discriminated against every day of my fucking life, as well.

It is SO insulting to, as a white person, tell a black person that you wish you were black for the "benefits".

You know, I'm glad I'm not black. Because if I were, I'd be in jail for trying to kill white people who said this shit to me.

How do you say something like that - to anyone - without involuntarily slapping yourself in the face???

coflower - How about, when replying to this post, you take a five-minute breather before embarking on a tl;dr rambling piece of nonsense that doesn't even address any points made, and just think about things. Sit. and think. Then reply. Succinctly. Please, for the love of God, succinctly.

Today I realized....

That everyone has an animal. A totem if you will. 
You can not find your totem on your own. Well...It is more difficult.
You feel your animal constantly and are used to it, so it is hard to identify. Kinda like trying to hear all the birds in the morning.
So I have come to the conclusion that the totem for a person is told by there looks and there inner, deepest personality. Someone can only see another's totem if they really know that person. Or , like in my case, you are a talented judge of character.
People can change there totem animal during there life because there personality can take drastic changes and when your personality changes , your physical appearance alters as well.
I also believe that people can have multiple animals, but there is always an outstanding, power animal for you.

It does'nt always have to be the giant hunter beast like a wolf or bear or shark or lion. Any and every animal has attributes that are honourable and definingly noble. Once you find your animal don't shun it because you think it is foolish or is'nt you. Embrace it. If you can't embrace it , then it is'nt you.

I love native indian lore!

("""\ ( 0 __o) /""")
friends don't let friends abuse style tags.

edit: you know, it isn't even the totem spirit thing. i consider that normal-level internet silliness. just good GOD thanks a ton for the Rich Text editor livejournal!

edit II: new rule, you can't say you are 4 or 5 generations away from being pureblack foot, then clarify that you mean native indians from america not native indians from india, and then go, oh right my bad i meant native american. Sure, you can say native indian and mean native american by accident. people fuck up at times and don't know things. but you can't preempt that by talking about how that is your culture and you are knowledgable in it.

and i'm very sure the anon commenting there isn't from here. because trolling while anon is weak and gets certain communities in trouble.

Are you tired of so_mikey posts yet?

thequestionclub's resident troll/moron so_mikey posts about the crabs he seems to have picked up from a "fling"

I make a post a few minutes later asking who would pay me to hang out with him since he and I live in the same town. I guess I was just fueling the fire but I couldn't help it.
"Christian" conservative raven55 is up to his usual shenanigans [link removed :) :) :)], letting us know the latest news regarding the end of the world. Then fullmetaljackie says that s/he has been praying for th end of the world for quite some time. In response, raven55 says,


Also, that California gets hit by the "big one" and New York gets hit by a Tsunami. California is due for a big earthquake in the year 2010 if you watch the History channel. New York should get hit with a Tsunami when the chunk of the Canary Islands finally falls into the ocean. (I heard that on the History channel also.)


2007-04-25 05:23 pm (local) (link) Track This
when california gets hit it will be an end of gays

EDIT, 7:35 PCT: Sorry, it's a personal journal. I was unclear, but I know now, my bad, I'm lamer than Roosevelt's legs, et cetera.
1) raisedbyninjas thinks that rx_suicide (or whatever it is) is a sweetie.

2) nextdrinksonme finds my icon extremely sad.

3) xtianwarrior shows up and basically just fails at the internet by attempting to insert himself in the conversations.

EDIT: In which nextdrinksonme resorts to insulting my mother. DOROTHY MANTOOTH IS A SAINT.

EDIT #2: In which nextdrinksonme and palmer_kun admit to intentionally starting dramaz. I am sure I speak on behalf of stupid_free when I thank them for the lulz that have ensued and how, ultimately, it appears that they come off as dumbasses.


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