April 24th, 2007

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"...after 8 years of marriage I have readily adapted right back to yanking it like a champ."

Someone posts an old, raunchy ad for the Sega Game Gear in wtf_inc. Previously-featured wank-allstar hollowpointslug takes this as a cue to talk about his masturbation habits.

As if we all weren't projectile vomiting already, he also sees fit to share a heartwarming anecdote about how his wife got back at him after he came all over her face.

I know it's wtf_inc, but damn...do not want!

ETA: Bonus stupid spotted by animal_dreams -- Duhhh, Hispanics aren't American!
megan lick

Because we needed another discussion about parenting and infertility.

So some mom in Canada is freezing her eggs for potential future use by her infertile 7-year-old daughter. There is debate on the ethics of the situation and "EWWW PSEUDOINCEST", but things don't really get interesting until 14pearl84 cries entitlement bitch! But never fear! She's a graduate student, so obviously she is extremely well-informed. But don't worry, she'll avoid "technical jargon" so you slow ones in the back won't get lost, even though you most likely weren't actually meant to survive! How nice.

Alec Baldwin stupid

So, last week an abusive voicemail that Alec Baldwin sent his 11-year-old daughter got leaked onto the Intarwebs. Naturally, ohnotheydidnt is all over this one.

Cue some photos of the daughter out with her mother (Kim Basinger). Among the disturbing number of comments that claim the girl looks retarded or like she has Downs (is that better or worse than calling Denise Richards' 3-year-old a slut?), and that she's anorexic, too tall, and flat-chested, we get this gem from akaich0u:

"It's unfortunate that Baldwin's message got leaked, and he may be an ass at times, but he's still her parent...what he said was mean, but does anyone know what this kid did to warrant such words? She looks pretty spoiled, so IDK, maybe she wasn't completely faultless either."

Yep. A couple of normal-looking pictures are capable of sending the message that someone is spoiled, apparently (though I must have missed her tiara somewhere). And apparently there ARE some circumstances in which it's okay to threaten an eleven-year-old and call her a thoughtless little pig. Thanks for the heads up, ONTD.

Plenty more stupid in the comments.

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Mild stupid in baaaaabyanimals . z3nyatta posts about the birth of a foal, the full brother of the late race horse Barbaro. The first two posters comment about how cute he is. And then bricology enters the picture and assumes the foal will be killed by his owners, just like his brother.

"Too bad his circle was truncated at age four by being killed by his owners, rather than the 25-30 years that horses normally live".

"It seems you're both missing my point. Barbaro wasn't put down as the result of injured legs or laminitis. He was put down because he was basically bred to die young".

"Between these factors and the horses commonly being doped, a typical racehorse lives just 6 years, whereas the lifespan of non-racers is about 25 years. We create something for our own profit, then we kill it when it no longer functions".

"Horse racing is little different than dog-fighting, cockfighting, bull-baiting or bear-baiting (all practices that have been outlawed), but for the fact that most of the pain and suffering takes place behind the scenes, where the public can't have its sensibilities offended by the sight of blood. That doesn't make it innocuous or kind".