April 23rd, 2007


Will this post make me a published author?

Some dumb crazy psycho made a post in the b0st0n community that basically wanted everyone to buy her book and claiming she was a "published author". She forgot to mention that she used a vanity press to self publish. The original post by said crazy bitch was deleted, but you can see it from this mirror site. Afterwards, the snarkyness continued here. This is the funniest read because you get a selection of the "poetry".

Afterwards, the stalking slut bag "author" spammed the communities with silly nonsense that continued the good times. BTW, the original post was also snarked both here and here if you just can't get enough of the LOLZ.

EDIT: Someone just reminded me of another nutty post made by this person. This is also hosted at a mirror site because she eventually deleted it.

I guess I'll just be playing house forever, then...

Over in booju_newju, owlsarentaholes is at it again. Only this time, adoptive parents are just playing mommy or daddy, and are apparently all terribly uninformed.

Small stupid- just her comment. Her "zomg adoption is child abuse" just never stops being stupid to me, though.

Link to the post that just asks about attachment parenting and adopted children