April 22nd, 2007


It's totally voluntary!

Today while I was out and about, I saw a bright pink bumper sticker on a SUV that read:

"Live life on the edge...HAVE TWINS!"

I didn't realize having twins was something you could just decide to do..."Yeah honey, I'm pregnant. I've decided I'm going to have twins!"

*edit-Yes, I'm a brainiac and posted to the wrong comm, that's my bad. But deletion is bad too, and I'd like to not get banninated, so bring on teh cat macros! Moar!
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First post. Apologies if this is a double or I screwed up doing it.

Over in the wonderful ask_me_anything community in this post, sleepish complains. "omg u guyz, I'm underage and got caught drinking. this is soooo uncool!!!!1" No serious drama ensues, but there are a few great things there.

As if that wasn't enough, gaburieru_ stirs shit up again further by dragging the topic back up and accusing people of being pricks in this post. The fun in comments begins almost automatically...

Both posts are unlocked at the time of posting this.
little keys

SO much stupid, I dont know where to begin!

Well everyone remembers this post that purpleseahorse made now her first comment was stupid in and of its self.

I point out to her that shed look good in nothing less than a paper bag and she gets extremely butt hurt but tries not to show it. Apparently everyone tells her she's ~*BeAuTiFuL*~ and that she should so be a model.

Other users go to argue with her that YES fat girls can wear short skirts and look good too. Shes still parading herself around as some trophy girl, saying "I am guilty of owning such skirts, but I look good in them. " She gets requests for proof that she indeed can pull these off and look good. This is where the hillarit ensues, she says:

I actually only have one picture here of myself in a said skanky skirt -- actually that one isn't bad compared to some of the ones I own. The only reason I have this picture is because we just got paid at work and I was test driving a new sort of uniform. I went from being a size 12 to a size 6/4 in about a year though.

It looks as though she has deleted this picture, bcs when i click her link it doesnt work but luckily someone else has saved it! I will lj-cut this to save your eyes!
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Then when someone points out that really she isnt hot in that short skirt, she tries to defend herself.

The stupid keeps coming you can keep yourselves up to date!

ETA: This post has turned into 1/3 win, 1/3 fail, and 1/3 stupid. The point of the original post is that this girl is stupid because she calls others out, and tell them what to wear, claiming she is hot shit, and short skirts only, ONLY look good on her. FAIL