April 21st, 2007

Fatal Curiosity II

The Funny Farm and Other Stories

Ooh, time for anti_feminism wank! Again. Aren't you all just so excited? :3

This time around, charlycrash (who's icon, incidentally, I find horrifying) posts a long-ass ramble about how he has trouble getting a job and how he wishes they would wank about the mentally ill, the oppressed minority group to which he belongs, as much as they do about every other painfully specific group out there. Or something.

Cue BATTLE TO THE GODDAMN DEATH. armchairshrink is actually pretty funny.

A few people actually do say that mental health is indeed looked after by the -Ism Police prowling about. I'm one of them. Blahblah.

But the real clincher? He doesn't really read feminist all that much. But that's ok, because you know, people tend to see what happens everywhere while they're not around.

So yeah. Enjoy. XD

More hotel wank

theweed posts to bad_service about a rude hotel manager she encountered while out of town for a funeral.

bkmichele decides that theweed is just being dense, and probably lying about the whole grandmother thing anyway to get free shit.

With 91 comments so far, it's clear that bkmichele is convinced that everyone will agree that theweed is a thieving liar dumbhead if she can only make us understand standard hotel policy.

Bonus: Every respectable individual uses credit cards! See, you just don't understand! NORMAL people use credit cards for everything, know all business policies intuitively, and never find themselves preoccupied with the deaths of close family members. Clearly, you're all going to set your hotel rooms on fire.
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"Transies" all have sparkly cocks. Didn't you know?

I know, I know, it's like shooting fish in a barrel over at ohnotheydidnt but this made me laugh. There's a post featuring Beth Ditto from the Gossip (mildly NSFW) which naturally brings out the "OMGZ disgusting fat people / eww, her THIGHS are red from where they RUB TOGETHER / fat people should not act like that!!!" comments. So far, so ohnotheydidnt, and not worth snarking (or continuing the debate over here), really. But this comment is what made this post particularly lulz-worthy for me.

at first in the first picture I thought she was licking a cock. my second reaction was that it was a very sparkly cock and therefore must belong to a transie somewhere. lastly, fat chicks -- i have nothing against you -- but please dear god, save us of your cellulite and dress appropriately. The only reason why they make little itty bitty skirts is for itty bitty size zero girls to wear and look trampy. I am guilty of owning such skirts, but I look good in them. However, this same rule applies to shorts as well.

There's just so much in that comment I don't even know where to start. I love that fat chicks look bad in "itty bitty" skirts, and thin girls look "trampy", but she - the exception to the rule - looks good.

And, uh, not that I advocate this sort of thing, but there's some lulz to be had in her journal, too.

ETA: Okay people, we get it. She's OMG GROSS! But totally not because she's fat omg I would totally find her disgusting even if she weighted 100lbs less. WE GET IT. We read it over at ohnotheydidnt a million times already. Now laugh at the stupid.
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This is too meta-awesome to pass by..

The only way to do accurate scientific testing [on anything] is to use identical twins.

Some gems (all direct quotes from chesterismyhero regarding scientific method):

  • "That's the problem. There is no way to do an accurate study and account FOR EVERY POSSIBLE VARIABLE. It isn't going to happen."
  • "I just happen to disagree with how scientific research is done."
  • "I am not wrong. It is impossible [for studies to be accurate]. There is no way to account for everything."
  • "Just because I disagree with how scientific research is done doesn't make me uneducated. It makes me a free thinker."
  • "I'm sooo sorry if I don't blindly follow research. Damn me for wanting to know the truth."

    (all emphasis and bracketed comments are mine)

    Edit @ 9:10pm PDT: Wow, already chesterismyhero has deleted the stupid_free post that this meta-wank came from. Sad. :(