April 19th, 2007


What d'you MEAN the roads aren't safe?

You know, I'm not normally a huge "omgz follow teh laws or die" person, but they are there for a reason. Traffic laws included.

Originally when I saw this thread in wtf_inc I thought it wouldn't go anywhere. Maybe a few people saying, "OH I saw some people talking on a cell phone."

So the question is:

"What's the craziest thing you've see/done while driving?"

While I was correct that most people are posting about things they've seen, others are championing the fact that they're horrible drivers. Such responses included: Masturbating, playing a guitar, etc.

But the winner has to be this comment.

"Ummmm, I've edited a photo in photoshop on my tablet while driving, and full on sex.

Thats all I got, I kinda wanna see if I can play violin while driving down, just in response to the comment a few spaces above."

Yeah you do that.

I'd post a better, more witty description, but I have to go. I just can't believe the kinds of moronic, stupid things people will brag about doing on the net.

ETA: I agree with the people angry that this is unsafe. Checking a map or doing something else while driving isn't really a big thing to me. However, taking a bong hit, playing a guitar? etc. Scary that we all share roads with them, isn't it? (Sorry, no major drama in my edit. I was gone at class and missed a bunch of replies, plus I was sad I couldn't do a witty writeup, so this is my blanket response <3)

American Idol stupid (redundant? perhaps!)

This guy, joseph_jofus seems to be more obsessed than some of the fans who write in to votefortheworst.com.

Sanjaya Malakar, everyone's favourite pony-hawked talentless hack on this season's show, got voted off last night. And of course this means that the show is rigged.


Luckily, everyone thinks he's a nutjob. Small, unlocked, but ridiculous!

ETA: this explains his obsessions with this show here.

ETA deux: if you want to see why this Sanjaya character has everyone worked up, check this out. or this one here.
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Ah, anti_feminism, bastion of amusing and frightening stupidity...

"I think abortion is wrong! This girl, she like totally was going to have an abortion because she'd like get FAT and she's OMG A WHORE so I slapped her! But it's okay cause assault is totally not as bad as killing TEH BABIES!"


Remember, kids, it's totally okay to physically assault people if they do things you disagree with! Totally!
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Over in the lovely, usually peaceful land of metaquotes, there is suddenly unrest.

This quote, posted by wraithlord42, instantly turns into wank.

If this isn't flame-bait, I dunno what is.

The quote, in case of deletion, says

"It's not news when someone goes on a killing spree with a handgun in the US. It wouldn't be news if there was a fucking rocket launcher involved. It's Dog Bites Man. Nobody is even remotely surprised - I suspect that even the victims gave a little sigh of boredom as they were gunned down. - unimag

Edited with extra stupid:

tenshinofushigi shares this insight:

"wraithlord42 has another username, which he mentions in a post on that journal, odontomachus. On that journal, he's a lovely little passage:

"As part of a dreadful conspiracy with unimag, I metaquoted him. The idea is to cause such a storm of wank that yea, the foundations of the servers themselves shall be rocked. You'll note I used my old LJ, disabled comments and posted under an unrecognisable icon. Sadly, the trend so far seems to be less of the "wank" variety than the "let's wait for wank" variety... but that's funny too. Anything to cause a stir.""

Step up right here for your complementary torches and pitchforks. Single file.