April 17th, 2007


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Good God.  The wank is strong with this one.

In a locked post that I'm not going to talk about, someone askes about needle exchanges over the internet.  People are questioning why it is a poor_skill to inject IV drugs/"waste money" on drugs.

In a reaction post, baristapro goes insane.  If you have a car? YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL SOMEONE THAT DRUGS ARE BAD, MMMKAY!

edit: about the car: I am anti-car. I see it as a luxery, an expensive luxery, that isn't very conducive to being poor. I wonder how many people here drive a car. If you stopped driving a car, you would save alot of money. Driving a car isn't always a necessity. Alot of the time it is a convenience.

a&e not for sick people

ok usually i skim through livejournal uk and pay little attention to posts there as they frequently are dumb/i find them irksome. however this one today has me baffled, is it really possible that a 21 year old can think that a&e is NOT for sick people to go to?
"and don't want another wasted journey trying to find the nearest hospital here! [Went last night to A & E but wasn't allowed there as I'd been sick in the last 72 hours. :/"

http://community.livejournal.com/livejournal_uk/6444907.html?nc=18&style=mine (its public)

ONTD: The Wank Strikes Back

Ah, ONTD.  How I love thee.

So, following the wankish bullshit yesterday when someone posted a news story about the worst shooting in US history... a new post showed up today, identifying the gunman.  OTND could not have this.  If they couldn't bring down the newsielovers with general wank, THEY'D DO IT WITH RACIST WANK.  Although they don't necessary give up on the general wank approach (there's so much of it, I can't even summarize it here).  Although, someone decides that Destiny's Child lyrics are most appropriate in this situation.  Also, some interesting wank occured after someone pointed out how it was particularly sad that one of the people that died was a holocaust survivor, and had lost his life trying to barricade the door to protect his students.

Ignoring the fact that the gunman, although South Korean in descent, had moved to the US in 1992 when he was 9, obtained a green card and was raised in a Suburb of Washington D.C. for 14 years, they decided that ZOMG, SEE AMERICA ISN'T GUN CRAZY - THIS WAS AN ASIAN DUDE!  You're totally only considered (a real) American if you're white - at least by the press and ONTD.

My favourite comments so far?


Not to be racist, but I'm really surprised it's a guy from South Korea. North Korea, maybe, but not South Korea (I'm jaded from Team America-World Police).

This may sound wrong, but I'm slightly relieved that he was Korean. Now all you ignorant fucks who have been making general statements about how Americans are this and Americans are that can eat shit. When you make sweeping generalizations about an entire nation, at least make it correct.

well thanks for sending us Koreans back another 5,000 years.

korean people study too much...they go nuts. but daaaaaaamnnn...

i had this guy pegged as a korean last night, after i heard "asian-american." there are a lot of koreans in virginia, i know that as fact. plus, korean people are just...i don't know, angrier or more passionate. especially compared to the japanese. holy hell. i say all this being half Korean myself, so don't point the race card at me. i've got a lifetime of observations of my family under my belt.

Another goodie?  Why do you think that Koreans could face backlash from this event? I mean, I kept hearing the same thing about "Middle Eastern folks" after 9/11 and that didn't really pan out.

Personally, the gun control wank is also amusing.  I'm also getting sick of hearing about how Canada's "gun control" laws are so ineffective and ZOMG, Canada has gun crime too.  First of all, we have a gun registry and the government has done a fantastic job of even fucking that up, so when people point to Canada as an example of how "real gun control" has failed, I usually laugh up a kidney for a variety of reasons. 

FYI all the firearms in Canada are illegally transported from America, if America banned guns, there would be less gun trafficking in Canada and fewer deaths in America, since the guns won't be so readily available to anyone who wants them

Yeah because banning firearms is going to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please. That's like saying a drunk driving accident could have been prevented if we banned alcohol.

Note to self: your argument becomes more convincing based on the number of exclaimation points you use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!