April 16th, 2007

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I least expected to find drama in cat_lovers. But it's there. Oh, it's there.

And it's all about declawing. Granted, it is a very small post compared to others - only 28 comments - but damn if xyresic isn't being a horrible bitch. I'm not going to get into my own opinion about declawing, and I don't particularly care what anyone's are, but this woman is horrible.

This is my favourite comment of hers so far:

I'm not going to keep my mouth shut, dumbass. I don't agree with declawing cats, and I can't possibly thing of a good reason why you would do it, unless your cat was getting a horrible disease from her claws and you had to get rid of them before she died. I don't care about your sob story about not being able to keep her, or whatever else you could come up with, without declawing her. And wtf at "it is MY decision," yeah, DUH, it obviously is, but I DISAGREE with your decision and don't believe you should HAVE the ability to make that decision.

Some other choice words from her:



Also, I have nothing against your beautiful cat, and unless there something about declawing mentioned, I'm not going to say anything. Your cat is beautiful. You're evil.

This is usually such a tame community. I can understand disagreeing with someone, but...well, words fail me.

Edit: Deleted! No screencaps on my end, sorry. Anyone with? Anyone? Bueller?

Edit, Take Two: For those who are looking for information on declawing, check out this website. It can get a little technical at times, but it's a good source.
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I know, second post in a day, post whore, etc.

...But I couldn't help myself.

Is anyone else waiting for kitra's post in customers_suck to explode? It's gotten pretty good so far. She's already deleted comments that disagree with her point of view.

Just in case this one gets deleted, here's the text. It may very well be tl;dr for some people. I know my eyes started to glaze over. It's about women, and how they need to get over themselves!

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Her reason for deleting comments:

Yes, for all you insecure folks who turned the post into an "OMFG you're persecuting my size!" issue, I did delete all the OT posts. Let's try to keep with the topic shall we?

My issue is not with your size, my issue is with your behavior. If you have issues about your size, see a shrink, not me. I'm not here to PC coddle to your personal issues.

Now if you have some constructive debate on "You really SHOULD be ok with your potential customers wanting things that are not reasonable!" that would be on topic, if somewhat neurotic. If you're just bitching because my wording made you feel bad for whatever reason... the issue is a personal one for your shrink and you to discuss. I cannot help you.

The ensuing comments are classic, and her replies are hilarious!

Edit: Holy crap, it's been deleted ALREADY. Screencaps? Anyone? I didn't even think to take any. Argh.

Son of Edit: Looks like we're got some screencaps! Thanks to bronxelf_ag001 for these. I believe they're all prior to deletion. I'm still sifting through everyone's replies, so if anyone else has posted screencaps, I'll link to them when I find them.