April 14th, 2007


Meta stupid

Right here on stupid_free, im_not_marching posts a stupid about mousepadfucker's request for herbal abortificants in unsentletters. The expected mocking ensues. Minor tussling over abortion being murder occurs.

Buried in the usual banter is this gem, where athenaworth gets her panties in a wad and places an internet curse of infertility on mousepadfucker for her post:

I don’t normally say this, but she’s the kind of person I would wish infertility on. I want her to wake up one day and realize she wants a baby and never be able to have one. Long, grueling years of wanting something you can’t have. I’m not big on retribution, but that bitch deserves it times ten for planning to abort her own child.

She goes on to profess her lack of understanding of stupid, then asserts that anyone born as the result of failed birth control is Jesus Christ himself coming back to us. Several current incarnations of Christ come forward to refute this statement.

Bonus stupid: sockpuppet journal peoplesuckazz puts in their two cents:

athenaworth made a valid point and all of you pissed on her. If any of you had to go through what she's been through, you'd change your tune really fast. Infertility is no joke, to go through with it and live your life knowing that you may never have a child? And then to come across some stupid post by a stupid whore who shouldn't be near a penis in the first place if all she's going to do is kill a baby!!! How the hell would you feel? You're all ignorant and stupid to think that this is acceptable. athenaworth's post about wishing infertility on her was not posted lightly. If you knew what it was like to go through infertility and then have some stupid little bitch ask about something to kill an unplanned baby, you'd wish infertility on her too. I know I do. Fucking bitch. She should sew her fucking cunt lips together if she doesn't want to have a baby. Not come on a public forum and ask for advice on the best way to go about killing an unborn fetus. Sick!! All of you make me sick!!!

Oh, and to the one who said that infertile women are sucking the life out of the healthcare system; You ignorant bitch! You go raise those unwanted children! Every fucking IVF is paid out of pocket. I don't see how that entails killing someone with cancer. Your post doesn't even make sense. Go do some research. People fucking suck!!!

dysturbation gets a blue ribbon for best one-liner: The only birth control that is 100% effective is abstinence. Or possibly buttsex.