April 13th, 2007

Canadian wank not about separatism or Heather Mills McCartney? What?

skaloop is the mod of canadakicksass, which is a quiet community except around seal hunting time. But this wank is not about the right to club those cute baby seals.

This one, my friends, involves evolution, mod power, a minor flounce, and Andromedans.

Small, polite for the most part, and unlocked at the time of posting.
Oh the Drama!

Disney Caters To CHILDREN. Film at 5!

So on customers_suck, Grumpy McCrabbypants (otherwise known as akarui_kibuno) apparently witnessed massive suckage at Disneyland on the part of several EB-types who wanted to watch the parade on or too-near the spot she'd staked out for herself (personally, I'm tall, and tend to allow shorter children and adults to stand in front of me out of habit, but anyway...). She's being a bit of a whiner, but I can genuinely understand some of her frustration, here.

Anyway, the actual stupid comes in this glorious comment from moonchylde:

"That's actually one of my beefs with Disney Inc is the overly-catering-to-kids BS."



Oh, dear Gawd! WHAT is the world coming to when a company like DISNEY starts buttering up CHYLDRUN and FAMBLEEEZ???
Fatal Curiosity II

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Ok, so first there was this, a rather frentic little wank about dead cats, cat macros, scary mother cats, PUT IT BEHIND A CUT RARGH, and all kinds of things typical to the internet.

That, in turn, spawned this hot little number, a rather tl;dr mod post about offensive macros and how they should be allowed but kinda not. and lots of people whine a moderate amount about some amusing topics, including "RAPE IS NOT A JOKE!!1!," "we are adult enough to handle offensive content but not porn," and probably some other shit. And someone makes a rather valid point in saying what the hell was that for?

Also, fleshlights and a picture of some guy's balls.

Should be at least mildly amusing. I'm not sure of the exact stupid here, but there's an aura of it just coating the place. Just like there always is in those "EVERYBODY YELLS AT EVERYONE ELSE NOW, TIME FOR RANDOM YELLING KK!?"

Should be entertaining, at least.

Also, I think this icon is a perfect stupid_free icon. It sums up so many things in one expression.

Kids and their Oprah.

Back story:
A few days ago in freestuff there was a link to win "this years Oprah bag" with stuff inside. The first 5,000 to sign up at 12:01 AM got it.. Well everyone thought they didn't get there in time.. and then it turned out there was a glitch and a bunch of people recieved an email saying they did infact win the bag. So over in freestufftalk royaltie brings to everyone's attention of a RUMOR, (in which she does state she's NOT sure) that the email was in fact a virus. Well ladyartemisa does not take kindly to people just giving heads up.

It's a locked post.

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