April 11th, 2007


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commanderd is on a bit of a tear today.

You know, a) not all chocolate is milk chocolate, and b) people whose kids have serious allergies do tend to be mind-bogglingly paranoid about those allergies.


Why are people assuming that it was milk chocolate? The post does not say so -- and again, people with serious allergies tend to be very, very careful about them. It seems more likely to me that it was a milk component that the kid or mother missed. I do agree that the *store* isn't at fault, but to call the mother a twat does seem excessive to me.
ER--Carter Cookies

Small stupid in weddingplans

Small stupid from _starless_ who doesn't know how to take the next step for her marriage--I'm not going to say more b/c then I'd ruin the short original post.

She starts off saying, This is going to sound so dumb...

Yes. Yes it does.

EDIT:: As a follower of the WP community, I know for a certain fact that this question has been asked by other people in the past and I'm pretty sure it's in the memories. If you can't do research on a search engine by yourself, you could surely check the comm. memories like you're told to do.....Maybe that's why I see this as stupid, silly, crazy, repetetive.....etc.