April 10th, 2007

rose and blanche



She(magh)'s baaack...

Remember lovearchitect? Sure you do. She was featured here a couple of weeks ago for stirring shit in beauty101 because she wanted to know where to get a shemagh/kiffiyeh and got shirty at pretty much everybody who replied.

Well, she's at it again in melbournemaniac:

Two questions.

1. Where in Melbourne can I find a place that sells Shemaghs/Kiffiyehs? (I've tried Aussie Disposals).
2. Has anybody tried/gotten their ticket refunded for Gogol Bordello who cancelled?

P.S; After an idiotic flame war on another community concerning Shemaghs - I do not care for negative opinions. Honestly. Waste of time. If you don't know where shemaghs are sold, please do not flood my inbox with pathetic comments about how you hate them and think they're too hipster. Gtfover it.

Oh, and why is she being so persistent about finding this damn scarf? This might be your answer. Fan-fuckin'-tastic.

Small wank, but it ties into an older one, so I figured a little update might amuse.