April 9th, 2007

megan lick

She's baaa-aaack

Credit for digging this up goes to a mouse at wank_report.

You all remember yellowsnakepoet, right? Well, how about when she went by the names yellowsnakepoet and languid_ardor? She made stupid_free and otf_wank several times, most notably for her massive anti-porn, anti-masturbation wank and its follow-up. She was also featured for (IIRC) freaking out when saucydwellings pronounced her dwelling insufficiently saucy. And she is known for having a creepy stalkerish obsession with an unrequited love.

Apparently, she's not over either one.

Your miscarriage wasn't a child!

Over in customers_suck, theangrychicken makes a really sensitive post about a man who was upset that his wife just had a miscarriage and DARED to be rude to her for not being flexible at all. This is lovely enough, but then my_lovers_eyes says:

She was 11 weeks along, that's not a child, it's only about 10 grams in weight. Yes, it's sad, but if it was so important that her life not be in peril, they could go to the ER.

Yes, because everyone's definition of what constitutes a child is the same, and you have the right to tell a woman who just miscarried that she didn't lose a real baby.

ETA: theclamsman loses spectacularly with this comment: Well then, I guess it's a good thing that the asshole didn't pass his asshole genes on, too. >_>. As was so eloquently put by nosyparker WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK

Let her get the shit kicked out of her, we don't want her boyfriend getting in trouble for drugs

Um, hey guys I hear this women getting the shit kicked out of her when I'm in my bathroom. I can hear this couple arguing, and then some thumping noises and she responds "Ouch, no, please stop". Should I call the cops?

feminist: No, mind your own business.

There are too many comments to quote here. It's really just really, really sad.

edit: worldfeminism was just created due to many feminists getting sick of the attitudes presented in feminist
megan lick

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There's another fresh load of wanking in this same comm but it's basically a fuckton of tl;dr about shaving (YOU SHAVE BECAUSE OF SOCIETAL PRESSURES! I SHAVE CUZ I WANNA! NUH-UH! DO TOO! etc., etc., except with bigger words), so I figured I'd spare you. Anyways, Aishwarya has pretty eyes, and eyes, like icons, are the windows to your soul.

"I don't think you understand what Aiswarya Rai looks like."

I wanna join their comm just to post with this icon, tbh.

Edit: madmouth belongs to a rating community. But I'm sure it's very progressive and thinks outside the beauty box judging by its membership.