April 8th, 2007


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A post is made to metaquotes about a father with ill-behaved kids being told off. Someone mentions posting it to childfree.

All Hell breaks loose.

Enter accusations that anyone who doesn't want children is a childhater, and a bonus appearance by skepticultist. When pester quietly points out that it's also bad form to talk to the kids, she's shot down and told that it's perfectly acceptable to be rude back.

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Over in The Question Club (I havent figured out how to link things yet, I am sorry). Proloto posts asking why some restaurants include the tip on the bill and asks if there was a way to get it off if it is undeserved.


Starts out fine but then he starts talking about how servers shouldnt be getting tipped 20% ever, how they are probably driving Porche's, they shouldnt be making more than him.

It is then let known that he was in a party of 10 or more and while most restaurants include tip for parties over 8, it is still wrong.