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April 7th, 2007

Over in fatshionista, meestagoat posts a reflective piece about her experiences as an "inbetweenie" (A small-end plus-sized girl/upper-end standard size, for the uninitiated.) The bulk of the early responses are of the standard agreeable variety, as to be expected from such a post.

But wait! Drama rears its head shortly for, what ho! meestagoat is not fat enough to know the -suffering- and the -trials- of being a lardy lady, and, by gum, heywagonsmom is going to educate her.

Oddly formal flamebaiting followsCollapse )
So over in wtf_inc we have a racism wank fistfight breaking out over a post about an offensive couch label.

Of course, in the storm of LOLs a couple of users were upset, so much that they decided to loudly mention their desire to murder half the community for laughing while at the same time saying that they won't stand having their life threatened.

General chaos ensues and the community is now divided over what's funny and isn't.

Minor stupid at best. Original post unlocked at time of posting.


Just a little snark.

Minor stupid, but think of it as a sorbet to cleanse our palate for the next course....

"So, like, I dropped a dime, and hadda look through disgusting dirt and dust and stuff and the customer didn't offer to jump over the counter and help me look or NOTHIN!!! She could have given me another dime, geez!!"

OP is called on possibly sucky service, and she comes back with one comment....

"It was the way she said it, don't be hatin' on the grunt, yo...."

Dude. It was a dime...Reach into your damn pocket and plonk it into the goshforsaken register....You'll find more change under the soda machine anyhow....

ETA: Baleeetion...Anyone get screen shots? Wow, so much for the minor stupid part...@.@.......


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