April 6th, 2007

LJ Cuts = Rape!

And it's not starring aegion this time!

(Note, if you're a fan, there are spoilers for last night's episode of Scrubs in the post)

feeling_broken asks a question about the music during the episode sans cut. People ask for cuts and someone gets spoiled, but that's not what this is about. This is about feeling_broken's overreaction.

The crazy:
well i'm sorry, i think pretty much the majority of scrubs fans are stupid, everyone criticizes the show when i feel that if you love the show you can love it for its characters and just for pure love of it. everyone is just bitching about this season and it's been pissing me off for awhile and i ask for one song and i basically get ass raped by everyone.

i set aside my time so i never miss an episode, i feel that my love for the show is worth much more than anything else. and i live on the west coast and i've read spoilers before and its never made me mad at the poster. i think its stupid that you have to yell. you'll eventually see it.

i'm done.

Small stupid, unlocked at the time of posting. ETA: May have been already locked, and I didn't notice. Ahh well.
(One thing I never understand is...how many times DO you need to ask for a LJ cut? If the poster's got notifications on s/h/it'll find out soon enough. So yes, this snark is partially directed at them).
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