April 4th, 2007

Sim - Uncertain

Pot Drama...

Does anyone remember aegion who caused some drama over girl_gamers with this post? Well she was banned for a couple days, but was apparently let back in.

Someone posts an article about a boy on skunk cannabis who butchers grandmother and the discussion is going well when aegion (the pot expert) chimes in:

Marijuana drama

Maybe, just maybe, if you were to go five years without doing any drugs, and make sure to get enough sleep, and stimulate your mind with books and things, then your damage will heal. But you seriously can't smoke marijuana even once more or it will be permanent. I'm worried for you.

Oh, oh...one puff of the good stuff will ruin you life 4-EVERS!!1?11

I've seen what it does personally. If you added up all the marijuana I've seen in my life it would equal pounds. I even grew and sold some plants one year. I know about it as much as anyone and I think it is a lot worse than people say. When people do something they go into denial about how bad it is. Marijuana will cause your whole life to fall apart and all it takes is a few hits off a bong or one joint.

You can listen to those bogus studies put out by pot-smoking acid-dropping college students who know nothing about the real world, or you can listen to someone who has actually been around marijuana their whole life, grew and sold it, and has a ton of personal experience seeing what it does to people.

kisekileia calls aegion a troll and she responds accordingly:

Don't call me that. I'm trying to stop you from hurting yourself, and other people who read this from hurting themselves.

But since you obviously are going to keep smoking marijuana no matter what I say then I'm never commenting to you again. And don't comment to me ever again because I don't like to come into contact with drug-users no matter how infrequently they use.

Really, I'm not condoning smoking pot or any drugs, but aegion is so damn annoying.