April 2nd, 2007

megan lick

This July is going to be SPECTACULAR

The Harry Potter fan community, never entirely sane, is always reliable for lols. the_great_hall_ is a community for people who have been "sorted" by others into a particular house. Evidently, as an April Fools' prank, a Slytherin was permitted to infiltrate the Hufflepuff "common room" community.

Little did they suspect that this is just like RAPE!!

The mod is unsympathetic.

I will be very afraid of trusting any snake again after this.

Oh, Freud.

Hey-la, Hey-la, Pacione's Back!

Many of you may remember Nick Pacione from a couple of weeks ago. Many of you may also remember him from a couple of years ago. I am not in that latter group, but in the past couple of weeks i have been watching and, yes, interacting with him. It's amusing; he's accused me of Sucking my mother's cock. So why do i call him back to your attention?

Nicky has called us out. On what, i'm not quite sure.

Then these obsessed little "fans" I do use that term loosely when I refer to them because fans don't ruin the people they grow to respect. It goes to the scenario that happenned to an actress who was stalked by a crazed schmuck who knocked on her door then pulled the trigger. Going around pulling out sites like the LJDrama off shoot and assuming the person who created the imposter account was my actual blog, and the real blog was the fake. I will refer to the assholes from stupid_free when I make this post and address them in plain sight here, what do they have to gain in making sure my name is dragged in the dirt?

He rambles on about Batty, who posted it here. But he seems to blame all of us just as much as her.

I'm not sure how well this really fits with the purpose of the community, but since it's directly linked to a recent stupid and since he's trying to... challenge us, or something, i decided y'all oughta know.

April Fool's? One can only hope.

Hay guys, when is it ok to bring a baby into a smoke-filled house?

Also of note is hanna_hottie: I totally don't smoke since I'm pregnant, but I'll be lighting up again once I pop this baby out! I'll be outside though, so it's all good! LOL!

Edit #1, a.k.a "Well, that explains that!": The OP, oh_so_sweet2me, is apparently no stranger to asking dumb questions; she's none other than She-Of-The-Chicken-Wing-Vag!