April 1st, 2007


Can we PLEASE think of the desk?!

Okay, I know this community has been posted about before, but this honestly caused me to crack up. 

 quizzicalsphinx to tell us about another moderator who has caused drama in their game.
 Basically, this other moderator broke the prized possession (which is a plot point, people!) of his/her character. No big deal, right? Now he/she doesn't want to spend the next week having to play an emo character. Can't we all relate?
 No, apparently not. This prized possession?

 It's a desk. The character's prized desk. Really, as if that's not amusing enough, the other mod comes in to argue. 

 http://community.livejournal.com/bad_rpers_suck/4116002.html?style=mine (The main posting)

http://community.livejournal.com/bad_rpers_suck/4116002.html?thread=76106018&style=mine#t76106018 (This is where the flame war gets good)

 Such gems to be had as "Now you're just being snarky" and whining that no one respects the dwarf in the game. Really, though, quizzicalsphinx just cannot seem to handle that no one is taking his/her 
absolute hardship seriously! 

It is later revealed what makes this desk so important: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_rpers_suck/4116002.html?replyto=76114210&style=mine

 Best comment to be had comes from chaos_slave with "Got Wood?"
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This is pretty minor stupid, but it's providing me some laughs.

Over in bad_service, defconn1 has decided to blacklist Vonage because they are not a reputable company and they do nor care about their customers.

Why are they such a bad company, you ask?

Because when the OP wanted to cancel, instead he/she agreed to sign on for another service to compare. They didn't really want this service, but accepted anyway and now they are OUTRAGED that they're being charged for the service because they didn't use it. And because the OP meant to cancel, but completely forgot.

Over here the OP is getting very frustrated because people keep constantly telling them they aren't entitled to any sort of refund. BUT OMG THE OP FORGOT TO CANCEL THE SERVICE! THAT IS VONAGE'S FAULT! If they respected their business at all, they would give the refund that she is ENTITLED to!

In defconn1's perfect world, if none of us use our televisions, we no longer have to pay our monthly cable bill. If we decide not to call anyone for a month, then our home phone service providers should refund us the base charge for the service being available!

Why? Because it'd be good customer service. Absolutely horrible business management, but hey. That doesn't matter because we're ENTITLED to it!

EDIT: There has been a quite funny development! defconn1 has had ENOUGH and says:

Yeah, change the name of the community.

You guys don't care about bad service at all.

It's like a trap, people come here to complain about "bad service", and all they get is people here picking apart their sitution and shoving it back into their faces.

Even after I explained that I was complaining about.
Even after I admitted to being at fault.
Even after I tried to get you and others to understand it's not about the policies.

Still nothing, still rubbing it in my face. It's like you're trying to teach me a lesson.

Change the name of the community. It's horribly named for what's actually lurking inside. It's a cruel joke for those who take the bait.

Happy Fun Ball

Another April Fools' Stink (minor stupid?)

As they do every year, the Livejournal staff used its front page for an April Fools joke, that frankly, most of us who know them by now were expecting. Most people got it, and the few who didn't were quickly corrected and humbled.

thefairyemmy however, a little butthurt over being fooled, isn't one of them.

"Too bad I don't live in America and don't celebrate that anymore. What a dumb thing to celebrate."

"Do you know only people with no time and life celebrate such a worthless thing?"

"I still have a life and didn't have any other annoyances with people obsessed with worthless holidays and stupid jokes."

I don't live in America either, and I know all about April Fools' Day. I didn't realize you have to actually celebrate it to be ridiculed, but you learn stuff everyday.