March 31st, 2007

Give a dog a home

LJ comms: Not srs bznss and I am going to go on a banning spree to prove it!

Over in ask_me_anything, unknownj has developed the Mod God Complex, and has started banning people left and right for apparently participating in three posts, two of which were started by mod longhairedbum, and one of which featured his ass.

Thing is, no one seems to know what posts he's talking about, or why they were banned, but anyone who questions him is being threatened with bannination.

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Think it's an April Fool's joke?

EDIT: Oh, he has also deleted a post asking if the whole thing is a joke.

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EDIT #2: And here's the post where he warned everyone to stop getting "LJ crushes" on each other and saying "icon love".
Link because the whole thing is huge, I unfolded all the threads.