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March 30th, 2007

Minor Parenting 101 Stupid

Someone else makes an  innocent post in Parenting 101 about developmental concers for a 9 month old infant.

The great penis cutting flames got lit when

sassy_momma said this "What really almost got me to say something was when my stepfather told me I was mutilating my son by circumising him. That is none of his business what we do and he had no right to say that. I sat in there with him when it happened and heard him screaming in pain. He had no right to say that to me. We think we did the right decision. He's our son and we made the decision...he didn't have the decision to make. "

Long story short, she got educated 

Then, she leaves the standard "you hate me for my views" post

It is minor stupid.



 ETA: For your pleasure, More Penis Drama in booju_newju

Just a tiny stupid.


An older woman comes into a movie store and asks the clerk where the ABC and BBC movies are. She doesn't know any titles, genres and basically has no idea what she's even looking for. The OP mentions that the ABC and BBC titles were put back in areas all in different places in the store.

According to some of the replies, older people are completely feeble and disabled and the OP provided very bad service for not going around the whole store and to grab every single movie that may or may not be what the woman wanted.

Intestinal reconstructive surgery =/= $4

This is my first post, and it may be rather cheap, but it made me lol ridiculously hard.

Y HALO THAR, have you any techniques for getting glass out of jam? I am quite hungry and would like not to let my $4 go to waste.


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