March 29th, 2007


More Lesbian Stupid!

You guys should remember this Epic lesbian stupid, if not you can check it out here:

Well. Things haven't died down quietly since then. There's been minor stupid here, and a little wank there, but the mods of lesbian have been doing a good job of cleaning things up and deleting post meant to stir up trouble.

But then this post showed up today:

Which links to this two year old comment (seriously TWO YEAR OLD COMMENT?? WHO KEEPS TRACK OF THIS CRAP?? ...don't answer that):

And now everyone in lesbian is all upset because venusflesh (the mod) LOVES the cock. She was scared of it at first, but now LOVES IT.

Here's a funny exchange:

The mods are MIA at the moment, but I suspect that once they see this thread it'll either get deleted or EXPLODE.

This was unlocked at time of posting. :3
Max standing

It's my first time- I may bleed a little

twinklieetoes   and laviededavid   are young, in love and are getting married in two days. And to prove to the world that they are ready for this whole marriage thing, they decide to have a fight in the _marriedlife_   community on LJ. Nothing says maturity and ready for marriage like fighting about pointless issues on the interwebz.

Did I mention they are having a baby in July? No? Well, they are!

I just want her to see my POV

The other side of the story

But I love you so much baybee

Good times. And this was unlocked at time of posting.

ETA: twinklieetoes  has a myspace for her cat, Cooooconut. Isn't it cute when she dresses her cat up in baby clothes? Man, I need to drop that picture off in the cat macro community.

Because you all love lesbian Drama so much...

Movie Trailer for most anticipated movie of the year..."THE GREAT LESBIAN CIVIL WAR OF 2007"

DISCLAIMER: "The Great Lesbian Civil War of 2007" will feature none of the scenes shown in the trailer and listed here for reference:
Footage: "Appleseed"(2001), "Mulan"(1999), and "Desert Rose" the music video
Muisc: "The Rock"(1997) Soundtrack