March 28th, 2007

megan lick

Sooo... gay porn ISN'T right for every occasion?

mouthfulofrain has a graphic icon.

Cue the outrage:

MY flist is a buttsex free zone!

The dread baby-skullfucking Nazi slippery slope.

Block your antisocial impulses!

Grade-A assholes are the only assholes you will find in our fine dining establishment.


Let the record show the OP has switched his icon during the course of the wank, but it's not any more work-safe. If you're the type to steal precious Internets resources from your employers, that is. You selfish whore.
megan lick

So what happens when they masturbate?

I'm not exactly sure what is going on here, but I AM sure that it's still entertaining, in its own unique Internets way.

soulbonding's mod wants nominations for new moderators. Several people nominate visual_syntax. Others are not so sure about this. When another person raises objections, visual_syntax that it was not she that caused problems in another comm (except that it was), and anyway it's irrelevant, because people are not nominating HER but "Maxim" (read: her). Amazing unrelated bonus lols erupt when an Anakin Skywalker protests about being triggered. There is also some somewhat incomprehensible drama in another thread wherein visual_syntax under the username withfangs (I think), is accused of trying to bias things in favor of "Maxim". visual_syntax concludes that the anonymous accuser is the "the girl who basically almost killed Maxim", and is now prompting panic attacks.

People are suggesting f-locking this post, so get it while it's hot, kids.

EDIT: Bitches must be watching us because it got locked mere minutes after posting. To soothe your anguished souls, here's what dogfuckers think of us.