March 27th, 2007

"Anyone who cam make such an wicked and silly remark is NOT a Christian at all."

Civil scholarly debate in any LJ community about religion? It's more likely than you think!

Except it didn't happen here:

starchaser57 takes a very literal view of a pissy epistle from Paul. spookybaby, redstar826 and others dare to disagree with her interpretation. A good time is had by no one except maybe the innocent bystanders.

"My comment was most certainly called for. I am finished with pretending that this insane devlish idea that believing the scripture is God breathed is worship of the Bible. It is the mark of a true conversion.

I am also finished with pretending that people who say things like you said that post are Christians. I am just not. Not any more. It is dishonoring for me to continue to do so. It dishonors God and it is diservice to the sinner who speaks like that."

Alrighty then!


Small but fiery: 9/11 tattoos are SRS BZNS

This wank comes courtesy of badtattoos_4. I haven't screencapped yet because, although the entry itself is friends-locked, the community has open membership -- surely you can join for the lulz, including, as of right now, a Harry Potter Dark Mark half-chestpiece placed so that the (male) owner's nipple is randomly poking out of it -- and there seems no imminent danger of the post's being bahleeted.

The original post merely features a photo from of a firefighter with a grievously bad 9/11 tattoo, complete with flaming Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty's hand oddly relocated to solid ground in Manhattan, sort of Planet of the Apes-style.

The stupid is in the comments: __45rpm__ is the first to jump in with the "it means a lot to him" defense. That's not so stupid in itself, except the thread quickly devolves into scumbag_thrills feeling the need to inform everyone that "there's nothing wrong with loving your country," and thus that the critiquers of the ghastly tattoo are "stupid prat[s]." Not to be outdone, im_not_marching dives in from the left and calls the other user un-American for calling other users un-American.

Meanwhile, sakurabana1 jumps all over polkadots's shit for the common-sense (if ungrammatical) observation that, at least in terms of sheer body count, "Far worse things have and are happening in the world and 9/11 wasn't the be all end all of devastating events." sakurabana1 brings out the classic threat: "Why didn't you STFU when I warned you to?"

A cat named Hitler gets namechecked, but by far the prize for stupid in this wank goes to __45rpm__ for classic lines like "Making fun of tragic events is a coping mechanism for the emotionally flawed" and "I'm not a fascist. I just took a lot of psychology classes."

Several disappointingly on-topic people point out that, no matter how tragic the event or how relevant it may be to you personally (despite the Village-People-like pose of the man in the photo, he may indeed be a real firefighter), it is still possible for the well-intentioned tattoo to be ugly. But that's so... sane.

ETA: Since community rules forbid reproduction of the contents of a locked post, I have found (at cost of great pain to my eyeballs, I TELL YOU INTERNET) a full-back tattoo that is similar to the one being mocked in the post, but possibly even worse. Note loopy script handwriting illegibly placed over the flag stripes, and an elaborate cross in which the artist seems incapable of rendering a straight line, even with divine intervention.
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Round and round, he'll always find a way -- just give it time.

Over in debate, chrissie wonders which group suffers the worst discrimination?

My favorite lj'er hollowpointslug, man of the people, phd from the mean streets, and benchwarmer at the local electrician's hall weighs in with a lengthy screed sure to get a reaction from the one person still willing to fight with him on the internet.

It starts innocently enough with a semi-sympathetic comment concerning the plight of native Americans, but the misogyny that follows goes from zero to sixty faster than a suburban teenager's rice rocket.