March 26th, 2007


when smart people go dumb

I'm going back and forth on whether or not to post this. I honestly think a lot of the people in the thread are capable of being intelligent, but some of the comments are blowing my mind.

Tonight, my friends, thequestionclub has taught me great things.

Did you know that dogs only do what they want to do? If a dog doesn't want to do something, they just don't do it!

That is why, if you see bestiality porn on the net where a dog is fucking a human, it automatically means the dog wants to be there. It's not cruel, it's not rape.

"I don't know how many victims of cruelty orgasm at the end."

"Of course rape isn't okay just because there's an orgasm at the end - but the animal isn't being raped in the cases I described. They are being pleasured until they orgasm. I think there's a significant difference between that and rape."

"So if you were having sex with a deaf or blind person, and you couldn't communicate with the person, but you wanted sex, and the deaf/blind person went through with it. Would that be morally wrong because they didn't properly consent to it?"
(Blind and deaf people apparently never are able to communicate with the rest of the human race. Everything you have ever learned about Helen Keller is a lie.)

Also in this thread: I get called immature and nasty, because I assume the person asking in depth questions about animal porn has done so because they like animal porn. My bad!

Anyway, hope you enjoy.
rainbow jc

Is your tinfoil hat missing?

Over in buddhists, ryama has a tale of woe.

Apparently he liked a girl in his art class. But then the dirty slut she got engaged to some guy who wasn't ryama, and now ryama is petitioning for the abolition of the institution of marriage. Also, how dare the girl tell him that she was engaged! How invalidating.

Lots of tl;dr before the cut. Even more tl;dr after the cut. He invokes Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. And Mussolini. And God.

Only a couple of comments so far. One raising an eyebrow at this prime example of batshittery (and possible trolling). The other asking him where gay marriage fits into all of this.

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