March 24th, 2007


beauty 101 stupid? Surely you jest?!

lovearchitect posts wanting to know where s/he can get a shemagh (a headscarf worn by many people in the Middle East, most prominantly the Palestinians). As far as I can tell they make two fatal errors in their original post:

1. I know Pete Doherty wears them, and I'm sure there are a lot of other celebrities who do also.

2. Feedback would be appreciated!

P.S I really could NOT give a fuck about some person's OPINION on the scarf. Seriously. Thanks.

(So... you want opinionless feedback...?)


Seriously though, talk about a red rag to a bull... (the whole thing's bull *ba dum*)

Bonus stupid for an argument that basically degenerates into "you're a douche!" "No, you!" "no YOU!" and a whole bunch of IT'S NOT MY FAULT YOU AMERICANS HAVE NO FASHION SENSE!!!!!OMGELEVENTY!!!!!111!!!

I love you internets.


Anyone get screencaps?

EDIT 2: 101/4646580.html
Bwahahahahaha, you can't keep a good snark down!

I have disorderz so I'm allowed to roleplay other disorderz!

The normally drama-free khyaoi may be about to blow up over an advertisement for an RP comm.

The OP (ironically called tehdrama)makes a post advertising a new RP comm, in which all characters must have some sort of mental disorder.

Some of the commenters point out this might be in bad taste, especially since the focus of the RP seems to be the mental disorders rather then the characters themselves...the OP defends herself by stating that both herself and her mod have mental disorders so they're allowed to do it.

It might stay quiet though, the comm isn't known for it's drama.

P.S First post, don't make me cry :(

ETA: Deleted! No screencaps I'm afraid :(

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Yet again the Postsecret feed brings the wank stupid. A postcard is posted, using the classic, "I move all the Bibles to the fiction section, I R SMRT." This causes offense, naturally. First, if you laugh at it, you're "anti-Christian", and refuse to let people believe what they want. Also, being gay is totally like being religious, because you're all persecuted and stuff. But wait, the Christians are totally persecuting us, guys!

Naturally, only a handful of people realise it's old meme, and so it all continues.
Give a dog a home

Stupid spanning TWO communities, yay!

brokensemaphore gave me permission to post this.

Meet sasfatpogobsqal.

She's attempted to troll the crap out of ask_me_anything with stupid questions using the 'what's the deal with?' format.

palmer_kun, the "cool" mod of ask_me_anything takes her on in his personal LJ, where she is pissed about being banned, because obviously, mods don't have the power to ban people for being asshats, the internet being srs bznss and all.

So she decides to attempt to move onto bigger and better communities: thequestionclub.

After vehemently denying her trolldom despite being called out on it, she continues to post her lame questions.

Then she meets the likes of brokensemaphore and is promptly pwnd, and starts to delete comments/screen comments, before conceding the short-lived battle and, in the final act of stupid, deleting her LJ.
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Cat_macros + Godwin's Law

Over in cat_macros lunarbull posts a macro of kitties behind bars with the caption "meowshwitz".

Some users find it distinctly unfunny, others "LOL". dread_pirate calls people "uptight", and mileshedgehog responds by comparing it to making a 9/11 macro, so dread_pirate posts one of those and wank ensues over there.

Over on the next page, meijhen says that comparing animal shelters to Aushwitz is "a valid point". There are more macros posted, and tabloid calls a waahmbulance.