March 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

Over in girl_gamers, they are still having issues with drama. This drama starts when iwanttobeasleep posts a video from G4, first saying how much they hate G4, in this thread here. 072321 then asks why they hate G4, gonsai replys with why they hate it. Apparently, the reasons given weren't good enough for 072321, and the argument begins (it's in the first thread of comments).

And, of course, the issue of trolling is brought up here when gonsai states that 072312 has crossed into troll territory, and 072312 has a fit about how everyone is ready to run to the mods crying and calling troll because someone said something they didn't like.

darkgunner then points out why it is easy to assume that 072312 is a troll in this thread, where itsjustaphase and I state that we belive that 072321 is really aegion and we are about to be "pwned".