March 22nd, 2007


Hypocrisy: it's what's for dinner, lunch AND breakfast!

My CF sister alerted me to this one:

Wasn't rockboxx the nimrod who had a cat she couldn't afford, and whined on childfree about how it wasn't FAAAAAAIRRRRRR that she had to pay a pet deposit?

Well, she's off on her rocking high horse again. "If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em" indeed. ;-D

Personally, I'm off to wade in my piles and piles of FREE MONEY!!!! And drive extra slowly! And put my cats to death!

PS: Wasn't this twit suspended over the whole "ReeRee"/racism wank?
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  • sio

i'm trolling MY OWN POST OMG!

small stupid so far.

i posted yesterday at customers_suck about the fact that we have a "check receipts at the back door if they don't check out at the back registers" rule and sucky customers pitching fits, usually cuz they're in a big hurry ZOMG.

Tigerwolftwit Dumbass comments saying he refuses to be treated like a thief just because he has "one of their bags".

i point out that it takes ten seconds.

he then proceeds to tell me to "stop trolling his comments".

so apparently if his bullshit logic applies, i'm trolling a post that *I* made?

no, he just commented again. he insists it BELONGS TO THE COMMUNITY ONCE YOU HIT POST.

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"goth drama" is redundant.

so those of you that travel amongst the gothic online communities are all too well familiar with Nickolaus, the maintainer of goth, has stories on the interneta published author, and all-around whackjob. For those of you that would like a fill-in about this little dark gem, go here.

i'll wait till you're done.



I personally had not seen him around in ages as his original journal was suspended. well. he has now resurfaced in the form of n_pacione, making his tl;dr WTF IS THIS CRAP? return post in the chicago_gothic community. please note that this post has absolutely nothing to do with said community, many more people replied to said post and - you guessed it - comments were baleeted.

a response post was made discussing nicky's douchosity. the next day, nicky once again pimps himself out in the community, this time comments disabled. and, once again, the community responds. and again. and yet again.

my words in this entry absolutely do not do the insanity of nicky justice. however, i, for one, am glad to see his whacktastical return to lj-land. i am surethere will be more.