March 21st, 2007


Since it seems to be Pedophillia and Beastiality Week...

Bestiality is cool, as long as the animals are already dead.

There's clearly nothing wrong with this guy. He knows what he likes and he goes and takes it. Hell, a lot of chicks I know think assertiveness and aggressiveness are HUGE turn-ons.

Edit: Seems I'm a little slow today and missed the sarcasm intended by the OP. Oopsie! IR STOOPID. Although some of the comments still make this qualify if you ask me.
Mitty box

A tiny stupid, but amusing nonetheless...

Over in girl_gamers, naruhodo_kun posts a pretty cute but pretty huge Mega Man picture she drew. I politely ask if she'd put it behind a cut. She does, with no complaints. aegion decides that I am a huge bitch for asking and proceeds to demean my parenting skills and be a total ass. Some really nice people defend me.

EDIT: Haha, I just saw this: "I'm going to remember every single person who talks shit to me here and I'll pwn you all later sometime when it's one on one."

EDIT2: Apparently, aegion has already been featured here!

It's pretty small stupid, but it amused me.
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charlie brown

JFK deserved the bullet

*Warning: Politics ahead, enter at your own risk!*

Over in the wankfest knows as liberal, 404 makes a post about a Georgia Tech student receiving death and rape threats for being a female, Indian, conservative activist. While members of that community discuss, or debate, or yell at each other over whether this student has a valid argument, ninboydean has this to say:

I'd like to see someone throw acid in this bitch's face. Fuck her. She's just some random cunt trying to fuck over other people for the most arbitrary of reasons.

There's a reason why that fucker JFK was assassinated.

So why does ninboydean feel this way?

Because she is a humanist