March 20th, 2007


We're all glib about pedophiles!

Apparently, anyone grossed out by the secret is an idiot who knows nothing of history!

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But st_fred points out that it's not that gross because:

and hey, florists like flowers, vets like animals :)

And then we have quiteparadise and pali who think it's "bullshit" to be grossed out because they might not be an actual pedophile!


You work under the assumption that every pedophile is a child molester. They're not. A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to children. This does not mean that they would ever do anything to hurt a child.


In many cultures throughout human history, children have been sexually active. In Rome, for instance, it was customary for boys to be partnered with an adult man for a time. It was traditional, and considered a right of passage. Perverted by today's Western standards, yes, but were all these men evil and deserving of being locked up for it? I would say no. Get some education, widen your view of the world a bit... not everybody thinks like you, not by a long shot, especially when it comes to sex.
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"you have no right to expect good service from fast-food!!"

buttercup22 posts about poor service in McD's over at bad_service.

the story:
her two kids ask for McD's. her hubby is at work. so she goes solo.

after waiting in line for several minutes, a manager comes out of the back to take orders. said manager totally skips over her and waits on the people behind her. after she finally gets her order, the wait for the food is ten minutes. her hands are full with kids and high chair so when she finally gets the food, it's a struggle to carry it all. and no one offers to give her a spare hand. on top of this, no one has cleaned off the tables so that causes an extra delay.

in the end, most of the food is cold and the fries are not even cooked properly.

sounds like pretty poor service, right?

not according to most of the commenters....everyone jumps on her shit.

the following wank occurs:

-- obligatory "you can't expect good service or good food from McDonald's!!" comments.

-- people going on and on about feeding her kids McDonald's--even AFTER she states it is an occasional treat.

-- and with a good dose of freetards (or perhaps freetard-wannabes?) to boot! like thebrandyscene calling her an "entitle-moo" and telling her it's not McD's fault her birth control failed. others tell her she's paranoid for not setting the kids up at a table that is out of her sight. (yet if she did that and something happened to one of the kids, they'd be all over her calling her irresponsible!)

(i swear i should invest in an icon that says "LOL freetard" to use on the CFers full of stupid who spend their days following parents all over LJ to name-call at them.)
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Okay, fine. One plus two plus one...Shut up!

So, a giant snowstorm comes along and dumps a foot of snow on your city.

Now, this is a not-uncommon experience in the Northeast. We call them "Nor'easters." Or something similar. Or, where I grew up, light dustings. But, my friends, this is not about who can handle their snow. No, this, my friends, is stupidity by other means.

sourcandie0 posts to pinkaloha, a community centered on the city of Albany. (No idea where the name came from. Don't ask.) On Friday, the city got smacked with a foot of snow. In order to remove said snow, the city declared a snow emergency after giving people time to dig out their cars. (Snow emergency parking rules: everyone parks on the odd side of the street one day, and on the even side on the next day, unlike normal parking where certain areas are off-limits one day per week for street cleaning.)

Alas, the city put notices in all major media outlets, but did not beat down sourcandie0's door to inform her that she couldn't leave her car parked on the street.

Apparently plows can't go around cars.

So the terrible Albany PD towed her car, oh noes!

How was she to know, oh citizens of Livejournal? She doesn't watch the news or read the paper!

Other excuses include: I'm a n00b!, 1 + 2 + 2 + 1! (the first storm having a different set of rules), and of course, my favourite, everyone else did it!

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