March 19th, 2007

megan lick

Have the boob nazis been informed of this?!?

agsaunders is a sparkling rhinestone that deserves his place in the stupid_free prom tiara. Making a post about which animals to ban from the house during pregnancy "for things that are potentially dangerous for reasons people don't normally think about neither" in a BDSM comm is an excellent start, but it's when he explains that "snakes like the scent of breastmilk on a kid's breath enough that they'll kill for it" and then goes on to reveal that he's not even involved with anyone right now, much less a pregnant woman that he truly achieves greatness.

EDIT: More brilliance at biochemistry. Somebody has snake issues.
Big Love


Ahh the question club.

This little gem comes from morriganslayde in which she asks thequestionclub, in all seriousness, whether or not it is ok to hire the autistic neighbor boy to repeat words to her birds because "he seems to be doing it already." The stupid comes from the OP and the handful of idiots that agree with her, including this ridiculous comment. Oh but don't think she's being insensitive, she's going to pay him! She would also like to know how to approach his parents about the situation.

Maybe she could get another disabled kid to drool on her plants so she doesn't have to water them. I mean, he seems to be drooling all the time anyway!

*not friends locked as of posting at S_F

Aaaah mock_the_stupid...

The post: 'Do people eat jellyfish?', percentage-stupid and something about Dem Gays.

The comment: Hang on, can vegetarians eat jellyfish?

The bemused reply: Well yes... they move under their own power, therefore NO EATY BY VEGGIE-PEOPLE.


Ok, even given the whole 'sunflowers following the sun' thing.... I mean really.

Only a little stupid, but keep an eye on it. It had potential.

EDIT: Not stupid, just wanky:

Their reply was:
For example, plants that turn to face light sources.
Not to mention Mimosa punica, or the Touch-Me-Not, which folds up its leaves and droops when touched

Yes, you're very smart. Shut up.

Astrology Stupid!

OK, agsaunders is constantly posting charts and bullshit in astrology. I don't know why someone doesn't ban him already, because he is rude and nasty to EVERYONE in that community, pretty much constantly, for no reason. And that's a pretty hard task, since they're all fluffy bunny astrology hippie types, ya know? At least if he was a rude and funny bastard, like most of us in stupid_free, that would at least be something!

But he's a totally humourless little boil of a person, sry2say :(

So, imagine my amusement, when I click on a thread he started and aries_fire has called him out for copying his profile word for word! ROTFL!

The stupid gets better when agsaunders claims it's not copying since he put his own sentence in the paragraph he ganked from aries_fire... and his pseudo-spanish mono y mono, haha... and the temper tantrums, telling me to fuck off, lololol. Oh yeah, and apparently, you can copy Hemingway and put your own sentence in there and, Hemingway "won't care" (yeah, maybe because HE'S DEAD! but whoever is collecting the royalties today sure will give a shit)... rotfl...

This guy is fucking priceless and this is GRADE-A STUPID. Check it out.

And he really did copy part of the damn profile word for word. Jack ass!
rainbow jc

Is your mother a dirty whore?

bestoffreecycle rarely has much drama. People copy and post things from their local FreeCycle group that they find amusing or snarkworthy or just plain WTFish.

But this post has generated its very own drama, complete with lots and lots of personal attacks which reference sluttishness and erectile dysfunction. Oh, and people's mothers!

The tags for this post say it all: "childfree snark," "drama," "stupidity," and "whining."

Unlocked at time of posting.
Baby Cthulu

Oh Wow!

Normally, kittypix is a very friendly place, where everyone pimp their kitties and everyone else goes "oooh" and "aaaaa". Until one day paradigmshifty decided to interrupt the pimping with a pissy post.
Apparently, he doesn't like the facts that every pet communities had a post about the food recall and he's angry because he's in Australia and it doesn't concern him. Funny thing is I haven't seen him post before this. As of this posting, it's still up and unlocked.