March 18th, 2007


Suddenly LESBIANS! Thousands of them!

It all started last night when the mod of lesbian was informed by a friend that some one made a mock account of her.

The mod made assumptions and banned three of lesbian's more... unpopular members (that's putting it WAY LIGHT).

You can see things got way out of hand when people demanded proof that it was actually them who made the account. The mod had no proof, just assumptions. I'd point to specific parts of the post, but as you can see the entire thing was just one giant wank fest.

Then tragedy happens! The mod bans one of the more respected, liked, productivce community members when she calls her a "facist bitch."

I think this comment here sums it up.

More wankage ensues. Community members are outraged at childofstrings unfortunate banning.

THEN! Like that isn't enough we find out the true culprit of the fake LJ account:

Wank. Wank. Wank. So much you can drown in it. So much wank you can be picky about it!

It's unfortunate how a valid subject can get blown so out of porportion by bad management skills, and stupidity.

PS: Apparently I'm an attention whore for posting this.

The mod venusflesh friend locked the posts, so here's some screen caps of the ones that are friends locked! If I missed some thing, lemme know. :3

Caps of childofstrings banning:

[Edit V2: I know a little late but still!]

Here's the infamous post where venusflesh was going to ban dirywhiteboi ...and well, to use venusflesh's exact words: Everyone threw a shitfit. This is also the post where childofstrings originally got her "warning".

The post WASN'T originally FLocked, but I guess the mod decided to cover her tracks. I could go into my ..what's it called cache? And get unflocked screenshots, but it's easier to make screenies of the entry right in front of me.

(no subject)

I know, I know, two posts in one day, I have no life.

sailorsanrio rants in customers_suck about a woman leaving a show that offended her at intermission and waiting quietly in the lobby for her daughter.

She stayed out in the lobby for the next 40 minutes because she didn't like the show. Which is a slap in the face to the actors, the people who worked hard on making that show as awesome as it was (the producer/director/music director/choreography), and the 30-some people that were turned away at the door because there weren't any seats left, not to mention her daughter. $40 for two people to sit RIGHT THERE is a lot of money. Just. No. That's rude.

People call her on it, and she posts an edit to backpedal.

Highlights include:

"Oh noes, I made a rant in a RANTING community, it's the end of the fucking world."

"Now that I think about it, she was there a little after the second act started,"

"If anything, it was rude to the daughter, if the daughter was the one who wanted to bring her mother."

"I find it rude, and I'm going to rant about it on a community based on things that the posters consider rude or sucky. Don't like it, gtfo."