March 17th, 2007

megan lick

Telling me that I must be a crackpot who lives in a cardboard box or a potatoe sack is wrong

UMass Amherst is more full of mechanical seeing eyes than a cyborg named Argus, and some people are very upset at seeing their privacy wither away like so many commas. There is the expected debate, very little of which pleases mornhyland.

I am trying to wrap my head around your point and it makes me feel unclean and violated.

This thread (which could be construed as a reference to blowjobs, but I'm not out to make anyone feel oppressed or anything) is not sufficient to express mornhyland's distress, however, so she makes a new post, in which the word "fallacy" is used seven times.

Community reaction is best summed up by marlfox:

Your mom's a logical fallacy.
Liusaidh - sylvari mesmer

Heehee, there's nothing unethical about lying!

So, on co_workers_suck, swordman_hinote is a bit peeved at her assistant manager.

That, however, is not the stupid.

The stupid comes in the comments, courtesy of aegion.

Request a lot of hours and then just walk out! Then make up a job history! I've had 19 jobs doing this - they NEVER check references!

There is nothing unethical about stealing someone's identity to get a copy of their diploma, and the education system does nothing but judge people! You're Christian, you're not supposed to judge!

Millions of people get jobs with false credentials, so it's perfectly fine to do!

Just...good lord. There was another comment that had been deleted, because someone reported it to LJ Abuse, that was detailing out how to steal someone's identity in order to steal their diploma in order to use their credentials.

At least swordman_hinote got some amusement, even though the actual topic of her post was never once discussed.
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"homosexuality can be a manifesttion of psychological problems, too."

In the wankfest that is liberal, calysto posts an article and poll about 'fixing' homosexuality and transsexualism pre-birth, if the technology existed.

charlycrash explains why s/he said they wouldn't 'fix' a gay child, but would consider it for a transsexual child to save them from the misery of being born into a body that's the wrong sex. Enter ninboydean, with the following classic case of completely missing the fucking point:"

homosexuality can be a manifesttion of psychological problems, too.

transexuality and homosexuality usually both include taking on roles generally assumed by the oposite sex. While it is arguable how one could treat them, genetic factors are robably not the main cause of either, and they certainly shouldn't be maligned just to appease the parents. Regardless, both can cause unhappiness and both can be easy to live with, if the person adjusts themselves properly. The issue is whether or not a change should be forced on them, and I disagree with that notion.

What follows is a buffet of stupid and wank. Enjoy.

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ONTD Stupid

laceysback doesn't like Oprah. She seems to have a dislike of punctuation and spelling as well.

"Sounds like a colt to me cant eat certain things cant go home to visit there families long live oprah PLEASE!!!!!!!"

More stupid here and here

ZOMG its so hard to type in the dark with a baby on my lap !
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heelys_rock makes a hilarious post to bad_service.

It's about Heelys. And how much they rock.

General consensus is that heelys_rock is a troll. (Take a quick peek at their livejournal. It's funny, too.) Or maybe it's a parody of some of the dumber bad_service posts.

so_century thinks everyone should get a gold star: haha, I like the people who are all proud cause they got that you're a troll. good job, detectives! like the fact that the journal was named heelys_rock wasn't clue enough.

The only reply heelys_rock makes to any of the commenters is as follows.

yinepusayi: I hope someone trips your non-existant kids as they skate along in a place they shouldn't be skating in, and then I hope that is followed up with you getting beaten senseless.

heelys_rock: Wow, are you advocating child abuse? I know this guy who can track you down, and I'm going to call CPS on you. I love kids, and I want them away from abusing bastards like you into a home where parents can love and protect their children and buy them heelys.

All right then!

ETA: heelys_rock makes another couple of comment in the following threads:

1. Apparently, they made this post because so many people complain about heelys over in customers_suck.
2. They call out a commenter for commenting on their post.