March 15th, 2007

charlie brown

Nazism and animal rights to start off your workday

This morning in wtf_inc this post was made about a sad and repulsive story about a girl and her now dead dog. As expected, members of the community show outrage with what happened, with esthetic showing some minor stupid and a touch of irrational justice by saying the person who did this deserves the death penalty.

This doesn't sit well with mordant, who in several posts rolls Godwin, the Nazis, animal rights, and issues of not having a childhood pet all into one bit of stupid...

if we were to kill every person who had ever killed and mutilated an animal, we'd end up eating a lot of tofu.

do any of your family members eat meat? if so, what are their addresses? they have no respect for life so they should die, right?

You're not the first to person to believe that one group who humans who feel a certain way should have the freedom to slaughter anyone who doesn't fit their specific moral framework. Hitler was a champion of your cause.

because cutting the head of a dog = murderinga human being amirite?

Nothing like dead dogs, Nazis, Godwin's law, animal rights, and a touch of Darwinism to start off your workday.