March 13th, 2007


My First Stupid!

xvmorganalefayv wants customers_suck to know that shreiking children are annoying. More specifically: If it's old enough to shriek using words, it's OLD ENOUGH TO BEAT.

All the greatest hits of the militantly childfree are there:
Fucking breedermoos and their fucking spoiled shitlings
they were *SO* lucky that I... couldn't make it over there to gag their little broken condom
If you love the sound of shrieking wangsplash, don't read my posts.

The expected children suck but let's don't be a psycho/children should all die/wow, you're really nuts wank ensues, which only makes the OP more militant:

Well, thanks for the chipper advice! Next time I've got a splitting headache and some stupid cuntrag who can't keep her knees together is letting her semi-sentient afterbirth shriek in the key of Eek Minor, I'll be sure to toss a cheery smile her direction because, of course, a four-year-old doesn't know any better! God forbid I expect the bitch teach it any better!

Someone points out that beating small children is generally frowned upon, and the backpedaling begins.

But it's all OK, because she's going to be an elementary school teacher! Some of her best friends are children!

where's that "gonna get raped" macro when you need it?

A proto-stupid that may or may not blow up out of proportion, but I'm about to go to bed and figured I'd post this beforehand...

angel_inthesnow posts a tl;dr article about the new Tori Amos album. All is fine and dandy in toriamos, until kylerjaye discovers a flaw in the article:
"including most famously the experience of her real-life rape"

amazing, seeing how tori herself admitted in an AP magazine interview before strange little girls was released that she was never actually raped.
great job with the facts tingen!

Naturally, this does not go over too well, despite the fact that kylerjaye cites a source that states Ms. Amos fabricated the story of her supposed rape. I generally try to stay out of stupid threads, but I broke my own rule and posted a link to an archive of said article's text.

No further activity as of 11:42 pm, but toriamos tends to blow up over sensitive issues.

EDIT: To be clear, the only fabrication is that Tori Amos wrote a song about being raped at gunpoint instead of actually being raped at knifepoint [scroll to end of article].