March 12th, 2007

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Over at customers_suck yuuo is proud of her hickeys. However there are a lot of people (myself included) who think it is pretty unprofessional not to use cover up or a higher neckline to hide them when serving food.

Splooge everywhere. I saw this last night but was too tired to stay up to watch it.

I think there is daft on both sides, personally including comparing a hickey to a baseball blackeye.
Bob dylan

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This is my first stupid. It's small, but I think it's pretty good.

There is a (weirdly font-ed and bolded) post in thequestionclub to the tune of "When you die, what will you feel if what you believed all your life is wrong?" I answer, explaining that I'm an Agnostic, and that I really don't have any expectations about the afterlife.

oddnumbered feels the need to inform me that I am a coward.

And that he/she's memorized everything ever written by Richard "Dawkings" (her misspelling, not mine), so he/she obviously knows everything.

stokes detonation

No wheelchair = no disability

Relatively minor stupid here.

From reginald via thequestionclub: It's so weird that this lady was on the floor of a public bathroom, with her pants down, surrounded by pills! I bet she was trying to kill herself.

The stupid part: ". . . there's no way she's disabled because i don't see crutches/wheelchair."

In fairness, reginald did sort of try to help by asking the store manager about it.