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March 11th, 2007

token boob_nazi stuff

We need insurance companies to give better rates to breastfeeders.

We need companies to give bonuses to breastfeeding moms to pay them back for higher productivity.

I am angry that I had to cut the hand off the doll that my son got for Christmas, because a bottle was permanently glued into it

i wasn't sure i was going to post the crazy, but pradagirl's comment encouraged me:
No wonder you end up in stupid_free

edit: just realized that this post was from mid jan. maybe someone already put it in stupid_free, so if they did, woops! that's what i get for not checking the dates of things people send me.

edit II: dreamalynn swears she is not associated with boob_nazis, and thus is not biased on her defense of them. she encouraged me to do "two clicks" to see this. i gave her a few better and clicked a few times, and through google!

1) her journal. yeah, she writes about "nipplegate" a lot and links to boob_nazis posts where she replied to give support, but clearly she is not part of that community (source)
2) remember! she's not a boob_nazi!

why is my hair all mildew-y?

This one from thequestionclub amused me :

How do I get my hair to stop smelling like mold?

Responders: Wash it at night and let it dry.
Responders: Cut it short.
Responders: Several other helpful suggestions so your hair doesn't smell icky.

OP: I just put Lysol in it.  It usually cuts the smell for a while.

Your experience =/= everyone's experience.

In this week's postsecret, there's a postcard of a woman who says that her husband "beats" her, but that when people ask about the bruises, she lies and says that she does kickboxing so they'll leave her alone. The general consensus is, based on the way the card is worded/how it looks, that the woman is a victim of abuse. However, heldc disagrees .

Ya know, having just finished a session of pretty kinky sex before reading these, including acts that I'd refer to as beating...I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out if the kickboxing one, if the word beating means abuse or a consensual sexual act. Cos if it's abuse, then I'm sad, but if it's consensual, (and I know people who tell similar or stranger lies about their consensually inflicted bruises) then woohoo, get your groove on!

Cue much arguing, and accusations of heldc using the secret to promote her agenda.

Small, but they do seem to be beating a dead horse unable to stop.

I can't handle it anymore

I don't normally watch childfree but someone linked me to this post, and I've been watching it all night hoping someone would call this girl on her bullshit.

amazongrace is "so fucking sick of Mexican families bringing in their entire families when they come to get their checks cashed", because, as we all know, everyone can afford a babysitter when running errands. Then she says "It's gotten to where I want to pretend not to understand their English and just go on break to avoid the shrieking."

Lo and behold, no one calls her on her racist bullshit! In fact, most people add to it.

This post is public as of posting. Have fun!

EDIT: Someone got butthurt and f-locked the post, but heart_rachel still had it up. The original post and some choice comments under this cutCollapse )

There's more, but I'm afraid it's lost behind f-lock unless some members of childfree want to email me some more choice tidbits. *hinthint*
Okay, I RP on LJ. And therefore I belong to bad_rpers_suck. This might be a minor stupid, but it could be lulz inducing since it involves a troll. If it's not a stupid at all, feel free to mock me. ;) It won't be the first time....

I get in the mood to hate people, and since you're around, well hell! I'll hate you! And while I'm at it, I'll post my Lj-secret I forgot to submit about my PR0N about you all!


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