March 10th, 2007

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Hey guys, it's one of our favorite communities at it again, thequestionclub.

This time, lastbeautflgirl asks the community whether or not they believe ghosts exist and if they have had a paranormal experience.

Before you get on my ass, this is not about whether or not ghosts exist. The stupid is in these outlandish, "Tales from the Crypt"-esque explanations of their encounters with ghosts that sound like campfire stories their older siblings told them when they were seven years old. I even consulted my friends who believe in ghosts, and even they could admit that this is some pretty stupid stuff.

Maybe they should stop and actually think about what happened before assuming it was invisible dead people messing with their heads.

From lastbeautflgirl (from the link above):
"a bottle of sprite flew off my desk. it must have been a ghost cat haunting my house"
"i don't know how to explain it, i just had this vision of a girl killing herself and it happened" Somebody call Montel. Sylvia Brown is about to lose her spot.

From thenablessed (found here):
"I was talking to this guy, I walked a few feet away, turned around and he was GONE!" Maybe because he walked away?
"a horse spazzed out and suddenly it calmed down! it must have been a ghost holding him back!" Now horses can interact with the dead?

From musk (found here):
"I was using an ouija board and it spelled out 'sugar' and 'bitch'! then the light bulb above my head EXPLODED! I slept in my mom's bed for three months straight!"
"we have a plant that gets watered even though my nan died, IT MUST HAVE BEEN A GHOST WATERING MY PLANTS"

From neongreenleaf (found here):
"I saw ghost people walking around. then again, this happened when I was a kid, and it doesn't happen anymore, but I still think they existed"

From demia (found here):
Holy crap, it's ghost cat again!
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Apparently, going to a hospital to treat a deadly infection is not cool with mother earth, man.

I'm all for alternative medicine and by no means advocate the traditional medical establishment as the be-all-end-all of treatment options, but for chrissakes.

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No wank in the comments yet, since people tend to be rather friendly over there. Just another case of people putting their trust into Dr. Internetz. Or, in this case, Shaman Internetz.

Edit: The "he's going to a REAL doctor" bit at the end of the post was added after I posted this. I still disagree with his choice, but it's not my body so I don't really care. I'm also not sure as to why someone would post looking for advice for something that severe on LJ.
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