March 9th, 2007

doctor: donna wish i could be

tmi_chix =/= stupidpetowners, right?

mai doggie got butthurt so even tho i no it's not tmi_chix i thot maybe u'd all liek 2 see a pic

images of "butthurt :(" dog_macros are coming to my mind.

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edit (already; damn): bonus stupid!points to _danelle_ for putting on a "i'm not a mod but i'd sure like to be" hat and copy-pasting the same "um it falls under the 'anything else' clause in the userinfo DUH" comment to everyone saying "gtfo." (including one or two here in s_f, too.)

edit edit: clarified my edit - _danelle_ is not the mod of tmi_chix.

Cheating is so totally kewl...especially over the internet, courtesy of The Question Club

krushisabitch brings us THIS delightful vignette about longing, love and screwing people you met on the internet. Who cares about my damn boyfriend (or should I say...soulmate)? Just edit him out of the question because he isn't "relevent"!

Good luck finding my soulmate's info, I dare you...uh oh!