March 6th, 2007

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Stupid.

"Stephen Colbert is a practicing Catholic in entertainment. That's hawt. I'd marry him except he's already married and stuff and I think Catholics aren't into the whole adultery thing."

"Faith is for morons LOL"

Typical LJ atheists vs. agnostics wank breaks out. Quality stupid, which is unsurprising for someone who belongs to Mensa and sent the ACLU a check in exchange for a membership card. Badass.

ETA: "SATIRE IS HATEFUL AND ANTI-CATHOLIC, so whatever he does for a living, I know for sure it's wrong. Even though I haven't seen it." ETA2: The stupid and wank have traveled here! Keep at it, ladies womynses.

Where are screencaps from that Law & Order episode where Colbert plays a Catholic mama's boy who murders people when I need them?


minor stupid, but still funny

OMG, I'm drunk and I posted slightly off topic, and I don't understand why people are so meeeeeeeeean! Just for that, I'm never enabling comments again!!!!!!!!!

PS--you don't apologize in ADVANCE for stuff you've already done...if she's not as stupid as she claims to be, she'd know that. And the poor spelling and grammar makes my head hurt.

edit: bahleeeeeeted and banned!
megan lick

twofer 'cause I'm lazy and they're little

How best to spread the true word of our moonfaced savior? Or, as the OP puts it, "I've been thinking that the project-webpage + MySpace could include like survival stories and other stories how mcr has helped and done absolutely nothing that encourages fans to harm themselfs?"

Why take the risk? Don't shower at all. Just apply copious amounts of your favorite perfume at a steady rate. No sense in letting him know what you really smell like either.